More than 500 police officers serve as escorts for Guerrero politicians and narcos

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More than 500 police officers serve as escorts for Guerrero politicians and narcos



Chilpancingo, Gro. (Approved) .- An average of 525 state police, rather than fulfill their duties to investigate and prevent crimes, are assigned as escorts for relatives of suspected criminals and businessmen, officials and former governors in the state.

The issue has exhibited not only forwarding functions of the police, but the discretionary use of resources and public goods to benefit the ruling family, friends and people linked to organized crime.

This despite the fact that there is a shortage of personnel to investigate killings and ensure the security of society in Guerrero, where the Federal Police (PF) has had to assume the functions of public security to the vacuum that prevails in regions and narco infiltration in the police forces.

In July 2010, the acapulqueño businessman identified as alleged money launderer the Beltrán-Leyva Cartel, Alonso Piedra, was kidnapped and during the action, the assailants shot and killed his bodyguard, who was identified as the agent of Police Ministerial (PM) Jesus Gil Navarrete, according to official reports.

In December 2011,  Apro  announced that a policeman of the same organization identified as Jesus Eduardo Roldan Monroy La Sombra , and six ministerial agents more, all assigned to the command of the Costa Azul sector in Acapulco, were working as bodyguards of businessman Tony Rullan, owner of the Palladium nightclub.

At that time, Roldan Monroy was arrested by federal police and charged for alleged links with drug traffickers; He was later released and days later was found executed in the same destination controlled by crime.

When consulted, the state Public Safety Secretary Pedro Almazan Cervantes announced that 335 agents of the State Preventive Police (PEP) are commissioned.

Of these, 180 uniformed protect 58 individuals who have precautionary measures issued by authorities and on the recommendation of human rights defense organizations.

While other 155 elements of the same corporation are enabled as escorts for state administration officials and former governors as Rogelio Ortega, Angel Aguirre Rivero, Zeferino Torreblanca and the current PRI senator René Juárez Cisneros, among others.

Cervantes Almazan justified forwarding functions of the state police, arguing that the conditions of violence that persist in the body cause "increasingly require more escorts" to protect the integrity of officials, exmandatarios, entrepreneurs and individuals.

However, he said they are implementing a scheme to try to reduce the granting of personal safety and recover the staff currently performs these functions.

Official sources reported that among the characters guarded by the administration of PRI governor Héctor Astudillo is Luis Castillo, father of Onesimus Castillo El Bombon , an alleged offender currently imprisoned and accused by the prosecutor Xavier Olea as responsible for the wave of violence the capital of the entity.

Meanwhile, Olea announced that of the 890 agents that make up the Ministerial Police (PM), only 400 uniformed perform tasks of investigating crimes, as 300 are disabled and the rest, ie 190, are commissioned as escorts.

Just yesterday the Interior Minister Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong criticized the fact that the federal government has to allocate federal police to perform security functions to local authorities deficiencies of this entity, where the police certification process simply does not advance.

On this issue, the Secretary of Public Security in the state said it has a quantification of the process of police certification in 81 municipalities, but said one of the factors causing the delay of the goals is the lack of resources to settle the uniformed who fail tests of control and confidence.