More military troops arrive to watch over Matamoros

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More military troops arrive to watch over Matamoros

In matamoros 350 troopers of the Sedena arrived, which will be added to the 600 troops already in various sectors of this border town.

Francisco Javier Montejano Andrade, commander of the Eighth Regiment of Motorized Cavalry in this border, said that these new elements will be distributed in the vigilance groups that have been formed in the locality.

He assured that surveillance and security actions have scared away the criminals; "In recent weeks the absence of crime in the city has been noticed."

He said that throughout the town tours are made at various times of the day and at night to scare off the thugs.

He added that within the security actions, they also collaborate with the operations that are carried out in the neighboring cities of Valle Hermoso and Río Bravo.

"With these reinforcements, we will reach more sectors of the city where we have seen that the incidence of various crimes of the common law has decreased."

These elements are part of the First Battalion of Parachute Fusiliers, who join the 600 that make tours and surveillance actions.

He acknowledged that there is no specific sector for combating crime, because the actions are carried out in isolated areas of the city such as gaps or the beach, as well as in the popular sectors of this border city.

Even the presence of criminals is lower in relation to other weeks where there were fewer security operatives that have been deployed by the military.