Michoacan, Zamora Most Violent

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Michoacan, Zamora Most Violent

"Cartels have more money and more lead"


Michoacán among the highest homicide rate in the country

In 2015, 439 victims of intentional homicide in Michoacán were counted, whereas in 2020 the number almost tripled when it reached 1,243 murders.

Morelia, Michoacán. Several months have passed since the state began actions to resist and mitigate the blows of the pandemic. While the government and the media are concentrating on spreading information about it, another factor is taking more lives than COVID-19: intentional homicides. 

Until the cut of July 23, the new coronavirus has caused 658 deaths since transmission began on March 21 in the state; in April there were 49 deaths, in May 133, in June 350 and so far in July 204.

The official data on the homicide figures in the first 6 months of 2020 reaches 1,243, if we count only the months in which the deaths from the pandemic began, we have that in April there were 206 homicides, in May 201 and in June 156; so far in July, the journalistic count registers 117 deaths, so the total would be 679 deaths.

During the first half of the year, 17,493 homicide victims were registered in Mexico, which reached a historical rate of this crime for every 100,000 inhabitants , reported Semáforo Delictivo.

According to the agency, Michoacán is the state with the highest homicide rate with 44 percent, followed by Sonora (42%), Zacatecas (38%), Yucatan (38%), San Luis Potosí (26%) and Campeche (25%). 

However, Michoacán was not the entity that had the largest increases , but where murders increased it was in Colima (41.5%), Baja California (34.5%), Chihuahua (31.7%), Guanajuato (28.6%), Zacatecas (21.5) and Michoacán (21.1%).

Most of the executions have to do with drug trafficking cartels, which have more and more money and show more lead, warned Santiago Roel, director of Semáforo Delictivo.

In releasing a report on crime incidence during the first half of the year, Roel was clear in mentioning that nothing has changed during the current Federal Administration: “We continue in the same way. Nothing has changed. The drug cartels fight with silver and lead, "he said.

"Neither the National Guard, nor the warrants of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, nor the alleged social assistance programs have managed to reduce violence in the country. We continue in the same way, Nothing has changed, the drug cartels are fighting with silver and lead and they are collapsing society and the government. Some of them even do it with a lot of publicity and impudence. It is a great challenge and the federal government does not react, "he said.

The states that the organization places in "double red" for their high homicide rates are Colima, Baja California, Chihuahua and Guanajuato. Other states had a significant increase in this crime in the first semester, such as Michoacán, Sonora, Zacatecas and San Luis Potosí.

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Re: Michoacan, Zamora Most Violent


Just yesterday, México Evalúa published a report in which it reports that during the first semester of 2020, Zamora, Michoacán, is located as the municipality where more homicides have been committed in the entire country, with 198, representing a rate of 98.4 percent for every 100,000 inhabitants.

With a population of 201,464 people, Zamora was labeled as the most violent city in the country, according to the analysis that Mexico Evaluates of the most recent crime incidence data published by the Executive Secretariat of the National System of Public Security (SESNSP ).

The report from January to June 2020 on the most lethal municipalities with populations greater than 100,000 inhabitants indicates that Zamora already had high levels of homicides and that it still registered a considerable increase this year, of 264.7 percent.

Zamora is above Manzanillo, Colima (90.4); Rosarito Beaches, Baja California (68.7); Salamanca, Guanajuato (64.4); Acámbaro, Guanajuato (52.4); Juárez, Chihuahua (51.3); Salvatierra, Guanajuato (50.5); Tijuana, Baja California (49.7); Guaymas, Sonora (48.2) and Celaya, Guanajuato (46.6).

New record of violence:

In the first six months of this year 17 982 people were murdered in Mexico. It is, on average, almost 100 premeditated murders every day in 2020.

If the trend continues, the country would experience the most violent year ever recorded in recent history.

  2020 homicides homicides 2019
January 2,991 2,865
February 2,772 2,817
March 3,033 2,866
April        2,930 2,745
May   2,916 2,908
June 2,851 3,004
Total 17,493 17,205

Source:  https://www.lavozdemichoacan.com.mx