Mich.- Former policewoman executed outside her home in Zamora

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Mich.- Former policewoman executed outside her home in Zamora

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OCTOBER 15, 2020

ZAMORA, MICH.- On Thursday night, unknown individuals shot to death a former policewoman who was in front of her home drinking in the company of her sisters.  Authorities of the State Attorney General's Office are already investigating the incident.

It was around 7:30 p.m., when residents of the Valle Dorado neighborhood reported to 9-1-1 that on Cerro del Curutarán street a woman had been the victim of an armed attack.

Immediately the elements of the Municipal Police, Michoacán and the National Guard were mobilized who found the injured woman, for which they requested the support of the Municipal Civil Protection paramedics.

They arrived minutes later and confirmed the death of Norma Leticia O., M., alias "La Flaca", 28 years old, who a few months ago served as an element of the Municipal Police of this municipal seat, as well as in Jacona and other municipalities.

At the scene, there were seven percussion caps, which were taken by personnel of the Expert Services.  Her body was taken by a forensic ambulance to the local Semefo morgue.