Mich.- Dismembered body found in Zamora neighborhood

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Mich.- Dismembered body found in Zamora neighborhood


OCTOBER 17, 2020

ZAMORA, MICH.- On Saturday morning, the body of a dismembered man was found, according to the police authorities.   The head was inside a black plastic bag, while the other parts were wrapped in white plastic.  At the moment, the body remans unidentified.

The macabre discovery was minutes before 09:00 hours, on Nogales street, almost at the corner of Paseo de Las Galeanas street, in the La Nueva Luneta neighborhood.

Elements of the Municipal Police arrived at the scene and were in charge of cordoning off the area under the protocols corresponding to the chain of custody and preventing the area from being contaminated.

Minutes later, the personnel of the Expert Services arrived, as well as the Investigating Police and the Agent of the Public Ministry who were in charge of carrying out the rigorous actions.  Later, the human remains were sent to the local Semefo morgue for comprehensive examinations.