Mexico pretty safe travel advisors say

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Mexico pretty safe travel advisors say

Visitors enjoy the beach in Playa del Carmen. Visitors enjoy the beach in Playa del Carmen.
In general MX is safe, travel experts say
Incidents that spark travel warnings are isolated
Mexico News Daily | Saturday, March 17, 2018
Is it safe to travel to Mexico? Travel experts in Canada say yes, that in general Mexico is still a safe destination for vacationers.

 Speaking of recent travel warnings, one said they are “broad in a sense and not for all of Mexico.

 “These incidents are very, very isolated and it doesn’t make sense to block off an entire country,” Barry Choi told Global News.

 But the public, he said, tends to take an incident in one part of the country and assume all of it is dangerous.

 Several incidents involving Canadian citizens have made the news in the last few weeks, including the story of a Calgary, Alberta, man who died in a Mexican hospital and the ferry explosion in Playa del Carmen, both last month.

 A resident of Ontario has claimed he was attacked, robbed and left for dead in the latter city after taking a cab back to his hotel one night.

 Then on Thursday, a man from Edmonton, Alberta, an on-and-off visitor to Mexico for 50 years, said he was carjacked and abducted.
 Travel agent Peter Grosser of Burlington, Ontario, is another frequent traveler: “I’ve been traveling to Mexico two to three times a year for 25 years. I am very cautious about safety and I always found it safe enough to take my family.”

 “No country is completely 100% safe. You need to take that into consideration.”

 But, he said, it’s unfair to avoid hot spots that don’t have any warnings just because of some incidents in other parts of the country.

 While on vacation, many tourists let their guard down “and do things we would never do [back home], not clearly thinking of what we’re doing.

 “There is no problem going out and experiencing the culture, nightlife or restaurants, but just be vigilant and use common sense,” he advised.

 Choi agreed, noting that there are general rules all tourists should follow if they travel to Mexico or other countries with isolated events.

 “You always gotta think about your personal safety,” he said. “I would never flag down a random cab in certain countries, the locals will tell you the same thing. If you need a cab, book it through your hotel or through a local cab company.”

 And you don’t want to make yourself look like a target, he suggested. “Don’t flash your money.”

Source: Global News (sp)

As long as one doesn’t look for drugs, then no problem.

Dave Warren
Don’t see any travel warnings for people visiting Florida? Is it safe to go to school in America? I think not.

Mike S
In 2016, according to US State Department, 76 American citizens were killed in Mx excluding health causes and car accidents. Most were in 3 border towns know for high levels of drug violence. So lets assume for sake of debate, that half those 76 were involved in criminal activities (drugs). Lets assume another 15 were US citizens with family in Mexico and were killed in domestic family disputes. Lets assume another 5 were killed in business disputes between partners. That would leave 21 US citizens killed by criminals in the act of a crime (robbery most likely) or accidentally caught in cross fire. That year 28 million American citizens were in Mexico as tourists, retired expats, or on business.
A lot of the tourists are known for heavily indulging in alcohol and parting. So crunching the numbers, that is a murder rate of .075 per 100,000. If you examine the murder rates per 100k of all 50 US states and almost every town over 100k, Mexico is far far safer than almost anywhere in the US. And if you remove the three border towns, it infinitesimal. Some examples (per 100k):

US– 4.9
Louisiana 11.8
California 4.9
Oregon 2.8
New York 3.2
Texas 5.3
Florida 5.4

So it seems Mexico on average is about 8 times safer for violent crime than the US.

My business in PA was robbed 4 times in 5 years. I came to Cordoba, Veracruz, Mexico in 1988 and have had one robbery, when I left a door unlocked. 2 cellphones, a camera and a gas tank were stolen….I feel very safe here!

From the safety of f the great white north Mexico has been declared safe safe lol
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Re: Mexico pretty safe travel advisors say

There seems to be a disconnect between safety here vs the news that I don't understand... ?

It is a fact that statistics/words can be made to support anything you want.  I certainly don't know enough about the facts, but the news doesn't seems to support it being safer here...  

Would it be correct to state that fewer reporters are reporting the news, why is that?  Are politicians and reporters being killed at an alarming rate here?

Yet it is safer for tourists here than life back home...?   I like it, hope this is correct...
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Re: Mexico pretty safe travel advisors say

In reply to this post by canadiana
I found this link in an article I was reading.Some may be familiar with this website.It appears to be from the US Embassies from within certain areas of Mexico on crime and safety.Maybe I'm guessing from where the US advisories originate from??