Mexico needs the death penalty

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Mexico needs the death penalty

We badly need the death penalty like Texas.

Our government budget is never enough and we cannot afford to house evil thugs like El Diego for decades before setting them free. Why should we pay money to keep a turd like this when we can't pay for enough teachers to give our kids hope to not grow up to be like him.

Maybe we should just let him out on a technicality and tell Flaco to come pick him up. jajajaja

Our prisons cannot hold a man like Chapo.

What would happen if they captured El Lazca today? Our prisons could not hold him. They would have to chain him up on a military base and extradite him quickly or every Zeta would be rolling in to set him free.

Elitist American and European leftists do not understand how things are in Mexico. They can support locking people up forever because their countries have the money and do not have to worry about prison breaks from maximum security. We do not have the money they do and we are at risk of drug lords escaping like Chapo.