Mexico captures 2 men suspected of drug trafficking with links in Costa Rica

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Mexico captures 2 men suspected of drug trafficking with links in Costa Rica

Mexico captures 2 men suspected of drug
trafficking with links in Costa Rica

By A.M. Costa Rica wire services

The Secretariat of the Navy of Mexico arrested 2 alleged members of the Sinaloa Cartel with links to Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador and Guatemala.

The two subjects are identified as Jesús Alberto and Hugo Alberto and were captured last Tuesday in a joint operation with the Federal Police and the Attorney General of the Mexico.

The first of the suspects was arrested in the city of Mexicali (Baja California). Two houses linked to the suspect were raided and 17 cars and a boat were found.

The second of the suspects was arrested in a luxurious house located on Isla de la Piedra in Mazatlan, Sinaloa. On the site, the subject had 300 grams of methamphetamine, 100 more of synthetic drug, a digital scale, a quad and 8 cell phones. Additionally, 2 more buildings were raided in that Mexican Pacific city.

"The detainees are not considered within the 122 priority objectives of the Federal Government. However, they are likely members of an international criminal organization, with a presence in the state of Sinaloa and ramifications in the countries of Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala and Costa Rica, which sent the drug via sea to the coast of Sinaloa, continuing via land and / or air to the United States of America," Semar was quoted in a statement released Thursday.

According to the Mexican authorities, the police of those countries participated in investigative actions with presumed members of the organization.

"The arrest of the two suspects significantly impacts the international structure of the criminal group they led, as well as the criminal organization to which they supplied narcotics," said the Mexican authority.

According to the reports of the Judicial Investigation Agency, the presence of Mexican drug traffickers in not new territory.

Last May, in multiple raids conducted in Escazú and Alajuela, the Judicial Investigation Agency detained 7 Mexicans suspected of forming a group dedicated to mobilizing drugs -by the land route- to North America.


The Secretariat of the Navy of Mexico is a member of the federal executive cabinet with responsibility for managing the country's navy and marine forces.

According to the report, the suspects had two companies incorporated in Costa Rica, and the foreigners used the export of leather products as a screen to transport the cocaine in a hidden system in the tires of the trucks that covered routes to Mexico and the United States.

In rented warehouses, the suspects put metal plates on the wheels of the trucks so that the packages were hidden and covered by the metal object. To confuse officers, they introduced legal merchandise (leather and plaster products) inside the containers.

It is believed that the group started operating in the country in mid-2017, because that date coincides with the first income of the suspects and the formation of the companies in the national territory.