Mexico Fuel Theft Gang leader Killed while in Surgery

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Mexico Fuel Theft Gang leader Killed while in Surgery

MEXICO CITY — A leader of a Mexican fuel-theft gang was shot to death at a hospital where he was undergoing plastic surgery to change his appearance, authorities said Thursday.

Puebla state prosecutors said Jesus Martin, a woman and two other men were killed at the hospital Monday, apparently by members of his own gang.

The killing comes amid an upsurge in bloodshed involving pipeline thieves in the state, where at least 16 people have been slain this week in apparent disputes between gangs. The most recent killings claimed four victims on a rural road Tuesday in Palmar de Bravo, a township known as a center for fuel thieves.

Fuel thieves drill an average of 28 illegal pipeline taps every day in Mexico. State authorities have said the gang fighting has occurred in part because a police crackdown that has made it harder to steal fuel.

The main suspect in Martin’s killing has also been implicated in the slayings of five people in the town of Tlaltenango, in a vacant lot that apparently served as a base for fuel thieves, officials said.

Prosecutors also said that Martin had tried to have his fingerprints removed and that doctors at the hospital in the state capital were being investigated for possible complicity.

In 1997, drug lord Amado Carrillo Fuentes died while having plastic surgery to change his appearance. His associates suspected the doctors intentionally caused his death.
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Re: Mexico Fuel Theft Gang leader Killed while in Surgery

--The leader was a huachicolero named Kalimba

Sicarios attacked El Kalimba, Jesús Martín Mirón López, inside a private clinic located in the Lomas 5 de Mayo neighborhood in the city of Puebla, a woman and two other men were also executed by the armed group. When the thugs escaped, they took the lives of three more people in Amozoc, in total they claimed seven lives and it is presumed that there may be an eighth death that the authorities are looking for.

At least five assassins wearing ski masks arrived at the EPMAC clinic located at 133 Porfirio Díaz Street, where three men and one woman were killed at close range, among the men it was later reported that one was El Kalimba. Puebla authorities identified, Jesús Martín Mirón, alias El Kalimba, a huachicolero leader from the Tecamachalco and Palmar de Bravo region, belonging to the criminal cell of Roberto de los Santos de Jesus, alias El Bukanas.

El Kalimba and the other three people who were executed together with him received the coup de grace. The sicarios escaped in the truck in which they had previously arrived.

The motive of these events was an "ajuste de cuentas" (revenge killings) between organized crime cells dedicated to the theft of fuel in the state of Puebla.


Seven people, six men and one woman, were killed by five hooded gunmen, in events that occurred between Amozoc and the Lomas 5 de Mayo neighborhood in the city of Puebla. The assassins managed to escape despite the intense police mobilization that took place on behalf of all the corporations, municipal, state, federal and military.

At the EPMAC clinic located on Porfirio Diaz Street number 133 in the Lomas neighborhood of 5 de Mayo, the hit men killed three men and a woman, among the men is José Agustín G. G., brother of the owner of the clinic.

Later it was learned that one of the dead was also El Kalimba and that he had apparently came to have an aesthetic nose surgery.

Three others were deprived of their lives in Amozoc, one of them in the vicinity of the Chachapa Industrial Park, one more in the San Jacinto neighborhood and the other in the Amozoc Health and Extended Services Center (CESSA). The criminals eventually escaped.


Armed subjects stole a red Jetta, without plates in Tepalcayuca, in Amozoc. After about 4:11 pm, five armed men committed a robbery in the carwash named "Patas" located on the federal highway to Tehuacán at the height of Amozoc. The criminals arrived aboard a red Jetta and stole a Ford Lobo truck, F-150, red, with XB88263 license plates. During that robbery an employee was shot and wounded in the left hand, the bullet tore off his thumb, the injured man was named 27-year-old Miguel Ángel, he was taken to the CESSA in Amozoc for medical attention.

From there the criminals left for Puebla, arrived at the private clinic and upon entering took the life of four people, including El Kalimba, all had several bullet wounds and the coup de grace in the head. The nurse's life luckily was spared, everything indicates that the criminals forgave her.

Two children, one 8 yrs old and another of 5 years of age, were unharmed, because they say they hid when they heard the shots and left when they were sure that the thugs had escaped. The thugs fled in the Ford truck they had stolen just an hour before.

This gave rise to intense police persecution, criminals carrying heavy weapons attacked federal police and also Amozoc police officers, causing damage to their patrol vehicles.

Faced with a possible police chase, the criminals abandoned the Ford Lobo truck in the Chachapa Lane to the Runway. Then while trying to escape around 5:12 pm, the criminals stole another Ford truck (Figo, model 2016, gray, with UAN2050 license plates) in the San Lorenzo Lane, where they the trucks owner's life.

The criminals escaped and in the colony San Jacinto de Amozoc, on Esmeralda Street, they had a mishap with six people, so the gunmen shot them. One of them named Manuel Jiménez, aged about 30, died at the scene. Another was taken to CESSA de Amozoc where he finally died. So far, these fatal events claimed 7 human lives.

However, the investigating authorities, at the close of this edition, did not rule out finding an eighth person without life, because there were versions that indicated that the criminal group had kidnapped another man whom they had taken out of the CESSA of Amozoc.

The investigations were initiated in Puebla by the Specialized Agency for Homicide Investigation. When confirming that one of the dead is El Kalimba, Jesús Martín, it was learned that the motive of this crime is a settling of accounts between criminal cells linked to the theft of fuel.