Mexican Federal Police Detain 74 Year Old American Fleeing from U.S. Warrant

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Mexican Federal Police Detain 74 Year Old American Fleeing from U.S. Warrant


La Voz: Authorities stop Gringo accused of being a Narco

 June 16th, 2017 Staff / La Voz

Elements of the Federal Police detained  a US citizen in Coahuila who has an arrest warrant for drug trafficking and has been sought since 2008.

Federal agents assigned to the Regional Security Division of the Federal Police carried out security and surveillance tours in the State and while circulating on Panama street of the Nuevo San Isidro colonia in the municipality of TorreĆ³n, they made contact with a male person who was creating a scandal on the public road.

After approaching the subject, he acted aggressively and subsequently attempted to flee, so that immediately the elements of the Federal Police attempted to stop his. After stopping his attempted departure, the individual identified himself as Richard "N", 74 years old and said to be from El Paso, Texas in the United States.

When requesting the necessary documentation to prove his legal stay in the country, he stated that he had no identification whatsoever, reason why he was detained after reading a card of rights that are due to persons in detention and to notify to the Consulate of the United States about his situation.

When crosschecking information obtained from US authorities, Richard "N" was notified of an arrest warrant issued by the United States District Court in New Mexico, charged with the crime of possession, production and distribution of marijuana

Due to the above, the individual was transferred to the offices of the local subdelegation of the National Institute of Migration, who, after medical evaluation, will determine his immigration status and legal status.