Mencho making a play for CDMX? Narcos fight to death the streets of Tepito

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Mencho making a play for CDMX? Narcos fight to death the streets of Tepito


Although the violence in Mexico City, especially in the Cuauhtémoc delegation and in particular the Tepito neighborhood, has increased alarmingly in the last decade, the leadership of the government -marginally in the administration of Miguel Ángel Mancera- he refused to recognize that the big cartels operated in the capital of the country. Now that city hall, which since its then ruler Ricardo Monreal considered the "epicenter of the economy of crime", is the scene of a bloody escalation involving the most powerful gangs in the country.

CITY OF MEXICO (Process) .- The streets of Tepito smell like death.

The attempt of the Cartel of Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) to snatch from Union Tepito control of the retail sale of drugs upsets the inhabitants of Barrio Bravo.  The murders that have recently been perpetrated in its streets scare away customers, who refuse to enter and force the delivery of the product outside this "comfort zone" for distributors.

The motorcyclists who serve as "burreros" to Unión Tepito and Fuerza Anti Unión -extension of the CJNG- barely dodge stalls and visitors. Given the distance to travel, the urgency to get there is greater. The fear of the buyers to enter the neighborhood caused the increase of intermediaries and, therefore, increase in the price of drugs.

The doors of the neighborhoods are wide open. Nobody watches. It seems there's nothing illegal to hide. However, from the outside it is impossible to stop perceiving the sordidness of what there was there. The dispute caused the men who handle the drugs to move to "reserved points", that all the vendors know but where nobody comes, except the police.

Only old men, dirty and poorly dressed, dare to take drugs in the street. Their faces reflect enjoyment with each puff of marijuana they give, while the strong smell of the grass expands and permeates the clothes of the nearest stalls. Does not matter.

Added to this is the sale of alcoholic beverages on public roads in fixed and semi-fixed stalls, the same in Matamoros, Comonfort, Toltecas, Granada, Francisco González Bocanegra and Peralvillo streets as in Aztecas, Eje 1 and Avenida del Trabajo. . Men and women of all ages have access to them.

The vendors do not stop selling their merchandise, as if the dispute between bands were alien to them; however, they are aware of the looks of adolescent women who rummage through those bins, who look beyond their offered goods. Their looks follow. They seem to sentence. Even the space near the altar of Santa Muerte, in Calle Alfarería, does not escape scrutiny.

During a tour made on different days through the streets of Barrio Bravo, at no time was there any presence of police. Even when there are seizures, like the one on Friday 5, they are few in number.

Even though the federal forces knew punctually that Tepito would reach todays level of violence that today maintains the mayor's office (formerly the delegation) Cuauhtémoc as the epicenter of the high-impact criminal activities in Mexico City, they decided not to act. This omission caused executions similar to those of the rest of the country in the offensive of the CJNG to take control of the black market, arms trafficking, drug dealing, trafficking in women, land collection, extortion and piracy.

The feds also did not act in 2015, when following a report by the DEA, the US anti-drug agency, it was confirmed that the Sinaloa Cartel, the Knights Templar, the Gulf Cartel, Los Zetas and Los Beltrán Leyva operated in the capital of the country. The two last heads of government of the city, Marcelo Ebrard, who will be Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and Miguel Ángel Mancera, coordinator of senators of the PRD ( Proceso 1910), were also silent .
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Re: Mencho making a play for CDMX? Narcos fight to death the streets of Tepito

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It's now a free for all anywhere and everywhere in Mexico since drugs have been released on all locals everywhere.What a shame worrying about being in the wrong place at the wrong time on any street corner as they fight over the corners.I believe Mexico will never be the same again.We know how devastated drug addictions effects lives and crime north of the border but south of the border lives will be devatstated more and crime will increase incredibly more than the US.That's my crystal ball analysis since drugs are there to stay in Mexico (among going north too).