Member of Los Rojos from GRO caught in Jalisco

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Member of Los Rojos from GRO caught in Jalisco


The National Security Commission (CNS), through the Investigation Division of the Federal Police and the Attorney General of the Republic, through the Specialized Unit in Investigation of Terrorism, Collection and Trafficking in Weapons, executed an order of apprehension in the state of Jalisco against Mario Alberto N. for crimes against health and possession of ammunition. This is related to the criminal group Los Rojos that operates in the state of Guerrero and Morelos.

The institution said in a press release that Mario N. is identified as a member of a criminal group, although he did not specify which one, however afterwards it was unofficially known that he appeared to be part of Los Rojos.

He was arrested after developing various lines of research and field work, which allowed authorities to obtain his location in the state of Jalisco and was immediately placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry.

The CNS did not specify where and when Mario Alberto N. was arrested, who operated for the criminal  guerrilla group in Jalisco. The individual was transferred to Mexico City where he was handed over to authorities.

----Don't know if this is really him, but this is the picture posted in the article.