Massacre in Sinaloa - Eight dead in Concordia, five were beheaded

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Massacre in Sinaloa - Eight dead in Concordia, five were beheaded

Sunday, July 30, 2017 - Print edition

CONCORDIA.- After being beaten, eight subjects were killed and five of them beheaded by a criminal group in the mountainous area of ​​the municipality of Concordia, Sinaloa.

The massacre, according to the reports that transpired, occurred the day before yesterday at a few kilometers of the Potrerillos community.

The event cimbró the inhabitants of this town and El Batal, who, in the fear of losing their lives, asked for the support of the Municipal Police and Military to leave their homes.

According to the report, seven members of the same family and a friend were intercepted by an armed group on the Potrerillos-El Batal road.

In the place were found motorcycles and a van, where apparently people traveled when they were intercepted.

Apparently five were beheaded, two stoned and one more hung. At the scene, witnesses pointed out that an armed group that has ravaged the mountainous communities of Concordia ran into the young men who were going to Potrerillos as they passed the Los Ocotes road.

The victims were identified as Ernesto "N" and Efrén "N", both brothers. Also the nephews Airón "N", Rubén "N", and Erasmo "N", who were beheaded. In addition, the cousins ​​Rosendo "N" and Ibro "N", and Jose Francisco "N", friend of the young.

The bodies of the eight people killed were transferred the day before yesterday to the Forensic Medical Service in Mazatlán for law necropsies.

The inhabitants commented that they were hard-working people who did not mess with anyone.

With this event, police foresee that more people decide to leave their villages to be safe in the municipal head, Villa Union, Mazatlan.

On July 19, residents of La Petaca and Chirimoyos fled their homes in the face of threats from a commando.- The debate and excélsior

A surveillance operation is carried out following the killing of eight people in Sinaloa.

Silence of the authorities

Without publicizing public safety strategies, the municipal president of Concordia, Sinaloa, José Felipe Garzón López, once again is silent about the problem of insecurity in which the place is involved, according to "El Debate."

Mysterious meeting

The mayor and police commanders held a private meeting yesterday in the Municipal Palace, however, so far the relatives of the victims have not received the support of any government, according to local media.