Mara Salvatrucha leader executed in Mexico City

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Mara Salvatrucha leader executed in Mexico City


Betito left and Shyboy right

Investigations of the crime of Carlos Humberto Rodriguez Burgos AKA Shyboy, leader of the Salvadoran gang Mara Salvatrucha, point towards the Tepito neighborhood, as there is suspicion that hitmen from La Union, commanded by Roberto Mollado Esparza AKA El Betito, murdered him on request.

Shyboy was located by the hired assassins when he went shopping downtown, so they followed him on a motorcycle and he was executed on the streets by the Benito Juerez delegation. The investigators presume that the crime was ordered from El Salvador and that the sicarios of La Union were subcontracted.

Shyboy was the leader of the off-shoot MS-503 and thus, a natural target for the original MS-13.