Los Zetas prison director removed in Torreon

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Los Zetas prison director removed in Torreon


Israel Frias Luna, director of the Social Reinsertion Center (CERESO) of Torreón, has been relieved of his post

The State Security Commission clarified that Israel Frias Luna, director of the Center for Social Reinsertion (CERESO) of Torreón, has already been removed from his position, since he is the person who appears threatening a doctor with a weapon in the prison.

In social networks, they began to circulate the images in which the prison manager appears in one of the images drawing his charge gun, and in a second image where it is placed on the head to Dr. Magadan, who is a dentist inside the prison .

José Luis Chapa Reséndiz, state security commissioner, reported that Frías Luna was immediately removed from his position as director of the Torreonense Cereso and placed under investigation by the internal control body.

"Any element of the State Security Commission that acts outside the law will be punished according to law and we are now investigating so that, if there is any responsibility, this person will be punished," he said.

Chapa Reséndiz indicated that, in addition to the administrative responsibilities that Frías Luna could assign to him, depending on the results of the investigations, the Public Prosecutor's Office could be seen to follow up as a possible criminal conduct.

The official confirmed that the person works as a dentist in the Cereso

"Dr. Magadan works with us, he is a dentist at the center, he is the one who takes care of the inmates and until now we do not know the causes of that attitude, but the investigation is already underway.

The people of the internal control body since yesterday (Tuesday) and all day today (Wednesday) was taking statements from the administrative staff, including Dr. Magadan himself to clarify the facts, "said Chapa Reséndiz.

The security commissioner clarified that Frias Luna has his weapon in good order and his accredited confidence control examinations.

For what is being investigated is what were the causes that led him to have that attitude with the doctor, he said.

The work that is being done in Ceresos is there, we do not have self-government, human rights are respected, we are going to see in what way it was that led him to have that behavior to the director (Frias Luna), obviously it is an inconceivable behavior , Chapa Resendiz said.

He assured that any behavior outside the law will not be tolerated and, even, informed that so far this administration has already dismissed 4 people and sanctioned 14 people with suspensions.

"We will continue with this dynamic to ensure that any element that acts outside the Law, is punished according to law and in any case that results in liability, the Public Prosecutor will be given a hearing to determine what is appropriate," he said.