Los Zetas operator caught in Coahuila

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Los Zetas operator caught in Coahuila


by Magda Guardiola

Police captured Tuesday Salvador Ríos Núñez in Coahuila, an operator of Los Zetas.

The arrest was carried out by elements of Group Special Weapons and Tactics (GAFE) while patrolling in the municipality of Piedras Negras.

Realizing that the driver was traveling at excessive speed, he was told to stop, which he ignored, and then Salvador Ríos Núñez got himself arrested, claiming to be both Mexican and American citizen.

Following a search of the vehicle, GATE elements found a AK-47 with 24 cartridges, three magazines with 30 cartridges and packages of cocaine and marijuana.

The detainee is said to belong to the criminal group "Los Zetas" that operates in the northern region of the state, and he was handed over to the Public Prosecutor of the Attorney General's Office.