Los Zetas gunmen hired for attack in Coahuila

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Los Zetas gunmen hired for attack in Coahuila


On November 4th an armed commando arrived at the ejido Gabino Vazquez in the municipality of Cuatro Cienegas , which burned more than 15 houses, destroyed with heavy machinery and the Church Health Center and a school.

Gov. Ruben Moreira told the Attorney General of the State of Coahuila to investigate.

An official source at the Federal Police consulted by Proceso indicates that the gunmen were hired by a businessman from Monclova which sought to evict the peasants, who had to leave their land under threat of death.

The command consisted of 40 alleged members of Los Zetas, who shot with heavy weapons and threatened the farmers, in addition to killing animals, stealing machinery, water pumps and destroy the plant lights.

The Coahuila governor denied that organized crime had participated in the destruction of the ejido and attributed the violence to a civil dispute:

"This is a civil dispute between individuals, which has been going on for a very long time and has caused quarrels among them"

He noted that the PGJE are in a process of investigation, but that information is reserved until the apprehension of those responsible is achieved, notes Vanguardia.

Moreira said the non-intervention of organized crime in fact, is good news for the entity, however, he accused people that are pleased by spreading bad news of "causing enormous state damage".

Proceso equated the destruction of the ejido to burning ranches and houses in Allende, the region of Cinco Manantiales and Piedras Negras, where Los Zetas hitmen murdered and kidnapped more than 300 people in early 2011.