Letter from a wife of a CDG hitman

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Letter from a wife of a CDG hitman

I'm the wife of a CDG hit man and I'm addressing the cdn wives as well as society.

When someone hears ′′ a hit man's wife ′′ immediately thinks, she's a snitch, body with tattoos, sexy or vulgar clothes, super long nails, florid vocabulary, etc.

Not all of us are like this, I for example, graduated from college, I read, I keep getting ready... my great SIN, falling in love with a man and later I know he's a hit man. My family turned their back on me since I married him.

For the first time, I knew what anguish, fear, helplessness is... when he tells me they're going to ′′ Toparse ′′ with the cdn, fear and anguish invade me, and I think like me, there are many women (cdn) waiting for their partner to come home safely.

Many times I've tried to keep my husband away from that life but I haven't made it.
But maybe you can, you who read me today, your husband is risking his life for the interests of others, who then make the passes and already, forget the blood spilled, because they just don't care.

Like last war in Reynosa, how many people died for that cause and then the controls made the passes and the dead just like the widows were forgotten.

Don't wait for your husband to be another number, I couldn't, but maybe you if you can keep your man away from the road of bullets, from the path of death. The 800 dollars or sometimes a thousand dollars per fortnight, are not worth the distress, fear and restlessness we live.

Who could have thought of that ′′ easy money ′′ thing? no gentlemen nothing is easy, try to survive one day at a time, it is not easy, leave home and say goodbye to your family, without knowing if you will return, it is not easy, read daily the hate of harmed society is the hardest thing of everything, daily seeing the corruption of ALL government corporations and fighting against them is not easy either, it's just the life that had to live, but if you can change it, do it.

I'll keep trying, one day I'll lay down to sleep thanking God because I've made it.
And to you hitman, if the woman you have next to you does not encourage you to change your life, better change women because it means she does not love you!!!