Leader of Gente Nueva del Tigre captured

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Leader of Gente Nueva del Tigre captured

This morning, six members of the Gente Nueva del Tigre cartel were arrested in Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua, among them, the leader of that criminal group, Julio Escárcega, "El 109" or "El Tigre" .

According to El Diario de Juárez , the capture occurred on 5th Street, between Ojinaga and Aldama, at approximately 5:00 am, in the municipality of Cuauhtémoc.

He added that elements of the State Security Commission achieved the arrest of "El Tigre" and five more  people related to the criminal organization.

In possession of the detainees were found eight long arms, two short weapons and a grenade launcher, chargers and about a thousand cartridges of different calibers.

In addition, it was secured a Jeep Cherokee vehicle of recent model that was reported stolen.

The six detainees, as well as what was seized, were placed at the disposal of the corresponding authorities.

Through social networks, Governor Javier Corral blamed Julio Escárcega for being one of the main generators of violence in the west of the state, with crimes such as kidnappings and multihomicides.

"With determination, strict adherence to the law, without complicities or illegal negotiations and with police intelligence operatives, such as the one carried out this dawn, we will continue to confront the enemies of peace and bring them to justice; we will recover for Chihuahua the tranquility that the citizenship demands and that we will have to obtain", Corral said in a message.