Lack of drugs sparks a riot in Nuevo Leon Prison,attack prison pharmacy,O.D's happen

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Lack of drugs sparks a riot in Nuevo Leon Prison,attack prison pharmacy,O.D's happen

Riots leave 2 dead in Nuevo León prison

Inmates' anger triggered by new X-ray scans to detect drugs entering jail
Mexico News Daily | Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Prison violence shifted this week from Tamaulipas to Nuevo León, where two inmates at the Cadereyta prison died after rioting yesterday.
It was the second day in a row for riots at the jail in Caderetya Jiménez, where prisoners were angered by new security measures introduced after events two weeks ago at the Ciudad Victoria prison in Tamaulipas.

Rioting began Monday evening when about 600 of the facility’s 2,000 inmates staged a peaceful protest against the use of X-ray scanners to prevent inmates’ visitors from smuggling drugs into the prison.
But the protest turned ugly and six people were injured, one of them a guard.

There was no peaceful protest yesterday but a planned attack on the prison pharmacy motivated, according to the newspaper El Universal, by the inmates’ forced abstinence from drugs as a result of the new X-ray scans.

While mattresses were set on fire in two other areas of the prison as a diversion, 56 members of a gang known as Los Renegados launched an attack on the pharmacy.

They got their hands on drugs but it cost one his life. Four inmates suffered overdoses and were transferred to a hospital, where one died.

The other fatality was caused by fire.

At least 13 people were hurt, two of whom were guards, said government spokesman Aldo Fasci Zuazua.

Source: El Universal (sp)