La union member found dead at hotel in cdmx

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La union member found dead at hotel in cdmx

Yo just reposting from blog del narco

Member of La Union has brutal death after going to hotel with two escorts
It ended brutally this Sunday between the sheets of a hotel in Colonia Doctores, Mexico City. According to ¡Pásala !, the man identified as Marck Varela, a member of La Unión, shot in the head. The journalist Carlos Jiménez explained that the deceased was acting as head of extortioners of the criminal group of La Union, and in turn, a man of confidence of the leader of the group, David García Ramírez, aka El Pistache.

However, yesterday afternoon his life ended mysteriously, as a hotel worker found his body inert in the bed in room 301 of the Senador hotel; hours before he entered with two escorts. Once the workers noticed the macabre crime, they chose to call the CDMX Police, who in turn requested the support of the experts to start the investigations.

In the bed, Marck's body was found with a bullet in the head, a few beers on the table and a box of clean condoms.

ContraReplica pointed out that this subject was wanted by both local and federal authorities, as his criminal history was known to the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC); was charged with collecting the 'floor right'.

For its part, the police explained that at the scene of the crime was also found a 32-millimeter pistol and a cartridge thrown on the floor, made by which two hypotheses were created: they killed him or in the other case, the subject he committed suicide

The workers said that the escorts left an hour before the workers found the body inert, but could not give an exact description of them.

So far the authorities said that the escorts can not be blamed for this death until all the tests are studied.

Elements of the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) arrived at the place to carry out the lifting of the body and transfer it to the amphitheater to perform the necropsy of the law.