La Huacana, Michoacan: Battleground between CJNG and Los Templarios

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La Huacana, Michoacan: Battleground between CJNG and Los Templarios

La Huacana, territory disputed by CJNG and Templarios

The CJNG seeks to seize the region to have a corridor that gives mobility and access to the port of Lázaro Cárdenas and which requires displacing the Templars

PARIS ALEJANDRO SALAZAR 08/06/2017 09:44 p.m.

For years the municipality of La Huacana in Michoacán has been a territory coveted by 'The Knights Templar' to establish its operations center, in that territory there has been fighting and losses of some of its main leaders.

The New Generation Jalisco Cartel (CJNG) seeks to seize La Huacana to form a corridor of municipalities that allow mobility and access to the port of Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán, which requires the displacement of the Knights Templar.

The port of Lázaro Cárdenas is the gateway for chemical precursors for the creation of synthetic drugs, and there arenarco-laboratories established in  La Huacana . In recent years, three were dismantled and more than 100 kilograms of "crystal" were seized in them in this municipality, and, because of its geographical conditions, marijuana and poppy is also planted.

On September 6, 2016 in the community of Pucuán del Río, La Huacana, suspected sicarios of the Knights Templar shot down a helicopter of the Michoacana Prosecutor's Office, which followed a convoy of vans in which Alonso Andrade Rentería "El Papas", chief of Plaza and brother of drug trafficker Ignacio Rentería Andrade "El Cenizo", who was captured in February 2016.

In the confrontation in which the aircraft crashed, there was the death of Alonso Andrade Rentería "El Papas".

"El Cenizo" was one of the main leaders of the Knights Templar, who was fugitive after the apprehension of Servando Gómez "La Tuta", and the death of Nazario Moreno "El Chayo" and Enrique "Kike" Plancarte Solís.

The CJNG, in its strategy to expel the Knights Templar from Michoacan territory, financed groups of self-defense groups, handed over money, arms and vans.

The prosecution by the federal authorities of Servando Gómez "La Tuta" caused divisions in the criminal organization, and  some members formed self-defenses called "The H3" or "The Third Brotherhood".

"The H3" were led by Miguel Angel Gallegos Godoy "Migueladas", who was the leader of the self-defense groups in La Huacana and considered as the main exporter of "crystal"; Luis Antonio Torres "El Americano" - leader of the Rural Forces, the self-defense groups legalized by Commissioner Alfredo Castillo; and José Alvarado Robledo "El Burrillo", sponsor of the self-defense groups in Buenavista Tomatlán.

Another fracture of the Knights Templar in Tierra Caliente gave birth to "Los Viagras", a cell of the brothers Rodolfo, Nicolás, Valentín, Severino, Beatriz, Bernabé, Mariano and Carlos Sierra Santana, the latter nicknamed "El Viagra"; and the leader of La Familia Michoacana, Jose de Jesus Méndez Vargas "El Chango Méndez", who competed with La Tuta for control of the organization.

"Los Viagras" and "Los H3" formed an alliance with the CJNG to eradicate the Knights Templar. "La Tuta" through a video accused the Sierra Santana and "The American" of collaborating with Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes "El Mencho", leader of the CJNG, and gave them an ultimatum to stop kidnapping and killing.

The leaders of the self-defense groups, José Manuel Mireles de Tepalcatepec and Hipólito Mora de Buenavista Tomatlán, reported on several occasions that some members of the Rural Forces who first raised their arms to expel the Templars, later agreed to form a cartel.

The Knights Templar resisted the attacks of the CJNG and its allies, but their leaders have gradually been falling: Sergio Huerta Tena "El Tena", was arrested at a dam that leads from the community Playa Larga to La Huacana in March 2015, Was one of the relevant targets of the "Michoacán Strategy"; Fidel Orejel Núñez "El Gallito" was assassinated in Parácuaro, he was the would be successor of "El Chayo"; Antonio Tapia Varela "El Toon", the head of plaza in the zone of Tumbiscatío and Arteaga.

In 2016 the pact between the CJNG and "Los Viagras" was broken. Nicolás Sierra Santana "El Gordo" leader of the "Los Viagras" accused attorney José Martín Godoy Castro of agreeing with the CJNG, and that the state official sent as an emissary to agree with "El Mencho" so that the self-defense groups allowed access to Michoacán to those from Jalisco.

In January 2017, a cell of "Los Viagras" attempted to penetrate La Huacana to dispute control with the CJNG and the Templars, however, they were detained by state police.

The weakening of the Knights Templar sustains the advance of the CJNG in Michoacán.