Kidnappers decapitate woman whose husband didn't pay ransom in Coatzacoalcos, Vz and leave message with body

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Kidnappers decapitate woman whose husband didn't pay ransom in Coatzacoalcos, Vz and leave message with body

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From another source, it was reported that the kidnappers demanded 4,000,000 MXP (USDE $207,000)


XALAPA, Ver. (Appro) .- The body of 30 year old Susana Beatriz Carrera, who had been kidnapped over the weekend, was found decapitated and with a macabre message, after her family members rebuked the mayor of Coatzacoalcos, Víctor Carranza, so that he would intercede with the authorities to find her whereabouts.

On Sunday, the relatives of Susana Carrera questioned the mayor of Coatzacoalcos about the tasks to guarantee security in the cases of kidnapping and the video circulated quickly on social networks.

For the woman, her victimizers asked for a large ransom, which the family was unable to gather and during the early hours of the morning, Carrera's body appeared decapitated, wrapped in a black bag with the following message:

"This happened to me because my husband played with his cock and did not pay my ransom," said the message of a criminal cell.

In just 14 days in February six women have died at the hands of crime. In the same way, according to statistics from the State Attorney General's Office, 60 life deprivations have been committed. Figure markedly higher than during previous administrations.

In social networks, her husband, the businessman Luis Manríquez, confirmed her death and thanked the people who prayed for her to come back alive.

In social networks, citizens of the port of Coatzacoalcos have made various claims to the mayor of Morena, Victor Carranza to be escorted by half a dozen people, while hundreds of Buenos Aires live with fear of being targeted by violence.

In Veracruz, more than 300 homicides have occurred in the last two months; most of them, perpetrated by organized crime, by account adjustments or in damages to civilians.

Meanwhile the actions to inhibit these crimes shine by their absence, before the political division between the state agent, Cuitláhuac García and the Attorney General, Jorge Winckler, where even businessmen and deputies have already regretted these political-ideological lawsuits.

Photo from NORESTE.NET