Journalist Rafael Murúa is murdered in BCS

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Journalist Rafael Murúa is murdered in BCS

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By Antonio Cervantes Monday, January 21, 2019 07:08 AM

The Attorney General's Office of the State (PGJE) of Baja California Sur confirmed Sunday night the discovery of the lifeless body of Rafael Murúa Manríquez, 34 years old and director of the local radio station Radio Kashana 93.3 FM, in the municipality of Mulegé The journalist was last seen on Saturday night, around 8:00 p.m.

However, the communicator was reported as missing by his family, and around 3:00 pm the authorities located the abandoned Nissan vehicle, model Altima, 1998, white, in which Murúa Manríquez traveled - on 11th Street corner with the Constitution, one block from the establishment known as Café Boleriano-, so they activated an operation to search and locate it.

Around the "5:28 pm this Sunday of the current month, he learned that at kilometer 40 of the Santa Rosalia-San Ignacio road section, in the municipality of Mulegé, was a person without life," said the PGJE, that had activated an operative for the search and location of Murúa Manríquez.

The lifeless body of the journalist was found in a gap and in the brush, at kilometer 40 north of Mulegé, with multiple perforations in the thorax. The experts of the PGJE ordered the removal and transfer of the corpse to the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) of the PGJE, in Santa Rosalía -where the communicator was from-, to carry out the necropsy of the Law.

"Baja California Warning. First journalist murdered in Mexico in 2019. They find Rafael Murúa Manríquez in a San Ignacio breach. He was director of Radiokashana and had been reported missing, "said the organization Alertas Periodistas Desplazados México in the social network Twitter.

In November of last year, the graduate in journalism from the University of Sonora (Unison), denounced a series of threats, and said that he, his wife and three children were in danger, since he had suffered "attacks" at your home. He also accused assaults, attempts of censorship and slander by the mayor of Mulegé, Felipe Prado Bautista.

"In 52 days of Felipe Prado's government I have experienced more aggressions and abuse of authority than in the previous 6 years since I worked as a journalist in my native Santa Rosalía. It is far from the purpose of this article to accuse a person for these incidents [...] Much less I pursue that justice is done by these lines, in fact, I believe that they will never be able to repair the damage when seeing the tranquility of my family interrupted by the intolerance of whoever is behind this, but precise is to be clarified, "the journalist announced last November, through an open letter to the public.

The young journalist denounced in his Facebook account, that on October 29 he was intimidated "warning that they were going to kill me soon. Coincidentally, the information came from the house of one of the officials of the current municipal administration, with the position of coordinator, "he wrote.

Murúa Manríquez was the general director of the community radio station Radio Kashana, on air at 93.3 from Santa Rosalía, a medium in which issues related to Human Rights, alternative cultures, gender equity, environment, sexual and reproductive health are addressed. According to the news portal La Paz, for the threats he had received in the exercise of his journalistic work, the communicator belonged since late 2016 to the Federal Mechanism for the Protection of Journalists in Mexico.

On April 14, 2018 journalist Maximino Rodríguez Palacios was killed when he arrived at a parking lot in a commercial plaza in La Paz, BCS. A group of armed men fired at the vehicle, where the communicator's wife also traveled, who survived. The authorities confirmed that the murder was related to his journalistic activity.
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Re: Journalist Rafael Murúa is murdered in BCS

Hector Mora García aka "El Moreno", plaza boss of Santa Rosalía, was arrested yesterday for the murder of journalist Rafael Murúa Manríquez.