How did a municipal Police officer became "El Tigre"

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How did a municipal Police officer became "El Tigre"

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Julio César Escárcega Murillo, alias "109" and / or "El Tigre", was an element of the Municipal Police of Cuauhtémoc in the 2004-2007 administration and was then one of the lieutenants of the late César Raúl Gamboa Sosa, alias El Cabo , who entrusted him with the task of protecting the area of ​​Carichí, to be part of the escort of the deceased leader of the New Cartel de Juarez (NCDJ) in Cuauhtémoc and finally to be the leader of the new group: Gente Nueva del Tigre.

Escárcega Murillo, alias "109", adopted one of the nicknames of César Raúl Gamboa Sosa, because it was he who initially called himself "El Tigre" and adapted his clothing, armament, vehicles and drug packages, an image of a tiger.

From being the lieutenant of El Cabo in Carichí, Julio César Escárcega happened to be part of the inner circle of the extinct Gamboa Sosa, and it was the brothers of the latter who entrusted the task to him to continue with the operations of the group, that began first to to be called United Cartels.

It was Raul Gamboa Sosa who transformed the NCDJ in Cuauhtémoc, as they switched sides from the Juárez Cartel to the Sinaloa Cartel, but continued to use the acronym of the local armed group, to which Arturo Gamboa Gamboa, alias El 80, belongs.

Once Raúl Gamboa Sosa died, his brothers Esgar Alfredo, alias "El 11" and Luis Enrique, alias "El Muletas", began to take charge of the criminal group, but finally they left it to Julio César Escárcega, who at that moment adopted the nickname of El Tigre; he was the one who continued with the criminal activity of those who formerly posed as members of the NCDJ. It was with Escárcega Murillo that the transition to the Sinaloa Cartel was completed and they even adopted the name of the armed wing of that organization: Gente Nueva.

Gente Nueva del Tigre started operating in Cuauhtémoc and its surroundings, but they changed their base of Álvaro Obregón towards Carichí, where Escárcega Murillo is originally from. For seven months he led the group Gente Nueva del Tigre in Cuauhtémoc, continuing with the main activity that is the narcomenudeo, as well as the support to the Sinaloa Cartel for the transfer of large shipments of drug to the United States.

In the region, El Tigre was also responsible for the theft of vehicles for the criminal group, as well as activities to patrol and contain rivals, the New Cartel de Juárez.

During the last weeks his group had several confrontations against two of the main groups of the New Cartel of Juárez, that looked to recover the territory that was lost with the change of side of César Raúl Gamboa Sosa to the Cartel of Sinaloa.