Head of CJNG in Tecate arrested; severed head of CDS sicario left as threat to Police Chief; Mayor denies violence

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Head of CJNG in Tecate arrested; severed head of CDS sicario left as threat to Police Chief; Mayor denies violence



Zeta Tijuana - Head of CJNG in Tecate taken down

June 26, 2017

Fernando Rada Paco, "El Fer", is identified as one of the leaders of the Jalisco Cartel in Tecate; His band is related to most of the recent homicides. Days after his group was held responsible for issuing a warning by leaving a decapitated human head near the address of the person in charge of security in the municipality, Francisco Castro Trenti, Rada was arrested and linked to a qualified homicide.

Jose Alfredo was a sicario. The authorities identified him as working for the Sinaloa Cartel. He was nicknamed "El Churumbelo". He was kidnapped, tortured, decapitated and his head left, on June 8, ten meters from the home of Francisco Castro Trenti, municipal director of Public Safety of Tecate. They also left a narcomensaje.

His full name was José Alfredo Pereira González. He was 27 years old. He lived in Tecate, in El Paso del Águila, where he was raised. He was tortured, probably in a safehouse, sexually violated, causing tears in his organs, his head had multiple skull fractures and his body was injured with blows from a firearm. Nevertheless, sources from the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) told ZETA that the young man was still alive at the time of his beheading.

The first report that authories received about the abandoned head very close to the house of the head of the Police of Tecate, was through an anonymous call; the call was received by the Control Center, Command, Communication and Computers (the C4) by telephone.

The caller that night told the operator - according to the report that was written at the time - that a vehicle had passed at full speed, thrown a card and what looked like a human head, which he did not want to corroborate by approaching, and that he was afraid.

At first sight it was a man. Short hair. The head was not carefully placed, with the side of his face resting bruised on the stool. Like looking sideways north. A bit dirty of earth, as if he had been in a different place; It was not in a bag or something that held it.

Half a meter from the head, in the black gate of a house, was a green fluorescent piece of cardboard pasted with adhesive tape at each of its upper corners. The message was signed by "La Nueva Generación", a name with which both the Jalisco Cartel and the Tijuana Cartel in Baja California have been renamed.


For the researchers there is no doubt: the message was for Castro Trenti. He entrusted ZETA with his hypothesis: it was a form of warning and demonstration of power. A challenge to authority and proof that they can approach as close as they wish.

The first to arrive were the municipal police, since Castro's house - since he began living there in late February - was and is guarded by at least two units of the police, 24 hours a day.

However, no uniformed person witnessed the act of the criminals that night, although they were less than twenty meters from where the police were located, and the criminals descended from a vehicle and stuck the cardboard in the first street of Colonia Encanto Sur, towards the exit to Tijuana.

Regardless of the message left, the leader of the criminal group that perpetrated the decapitation - and the possible perpetrator himself - was arrested two days later in Tijuana. He is currently linked to the investigation of one of the murders committed in Tecate.

 El Sicario

The head of Jose Alfredo Pereira González "El Churumbelo" was abandoned along with narcomensaje about thirty steps from the residence where the director of Public Security of Tecate, is guarded by hisagents.

The war unleashed by criminal gropups for control of the raiding and selling of drugs in Tecate has left bloody statistics as never before in the city. In 2016, the year in which the authorities say the Jalsico Cartel entered Tecate, 57 homicides were counted. More than double, for example, than those committed in 2014.

According to investigations by the State Attorney General's Office (PGJE) in Tecate, among the executed were the victims of "Churumbelo". The Coordinating Group in Baja California locates this man as one of the 12 members of the two cells of the Sinaloa Cartel and the Jalisco Cartel, the latter commanded in Tecate by Javier López Ríos "El Tito" and / or "El Torbellino" , former employee of the now dead Arturo Giovanni Gómez Herrera, "El Gross".

According to information from the Coordination Group, "El Churumbelo" worked as a sicario and executioner for Saúl Cruz Roldán or Saúl Ignacio León López, "El Gordo" (arrested in April 2016), owner of a tire shop in the Aviación colony in Tecate and member of the Sinaloa Cartel, under the command of Alfonzo Arzate García, "El Aquiles".

In the criminal organization chart documented by the Coordination Group, Jose Alfredo Pereira was in the criminal circle along with Ezequiel Jáquez Arrieta "El Pelón", Jesus Aaron Carrasco Palomares and the former municipal police officer Adam Tafoya Ríos, all of them murdered.

They also reported that "El Churumbelo" had participated in executions and armed attacks in Tecate, for example, in a shootout on February 2, 2016 in the Rincon Tecate neighborhood, where a man was injured in the hand, pelvis and abdomen.

Another event where the former sicario was involved is on the afternoon of November 11 in the New Hindu colonia, near a ranch named San Francisco, also in Tecate. Three men aboard a van and armed with large-caliber rifles burst into the home of a 45-year-old man and took his life.

Among other events, the investigators explained, "El Churumbelo" allegedly participated in two more homicides, one that was registered on April 13 in the hospital (the attack was performed on March 17) and that of a man killed by blows in the Colonia XIII Municipal Hall.

Leader of Jalisco Falls

On Saturday, June 17, a man in the East Zone of Tijuana in Villa Fontana was being handcuffed with his hands behind his back and loaded onto a patrol car of the State Preventive Police. His name was written on an arrest warrant and the uniformed men were filling it out.

This was Fernando Rada Paco, known by his nickname as "El Fer", one of the leaders with highest rank in the Jalisco Cartel operating in Tecate, according to reports of the Coordination Group; he was responsible for "adjustments of accounts" and assassinations of adversaries of the CJNG.

In the criminal organization chart that the authorities have developed, Rada is located just below "Torbellino" López Ríos, from the Jalisco Cartel, the same criminal group that in September 2016 left a severed head in the private car of the former Director of Security Public, Bartolomé Lam Canto, on the outskirts of his office. In fact, the lettering of both cards (of the same color), to the naked eye, is the same.

"The Fer" is behind bars. A judge found sufficient elements to link him to trial for the crime of qualified homicide. His bond hearing was held on June 15 in Tecate and he was defended by attorney César Salas, who presented as a witness a woman who initially blamed Rada Paco as the perpetrator of a homicide.

The lawyer presented the witness in an inconvenient state, it was difficult for her to speak and to open her eyes completely, but she denied what he had previously established. Even so, the judge considered her first statement pointing to "Fer" as the perpetrator of the murder of a man found with eleven gunshots in the head with a heavy caliber weapon on a dirt road behind the Ojai Ranch in Tecate, March of this year.

In the Coordination Group, Fernando Rada Paco is related to multiple homicides in Tecate, in addition to being mentioned in almost a dozen previous investigations for various crimes, some of them serious and violent.

So far this year, six of his subordinates, who operated in the Pueblo Magico, are also detained for homicide, all in Tecate.

Through its Ministerial Police, the Attorney General's Office of the State has integrated folders to be able to link investigations  and to obtain the imprisonment of the criminal cell of Jalisco dedicated to adjustments of accounts, integrated by Felipe "N", "El Felipillo"; Héctor "N", "El Chabelo"; Nataniel "N", "El Nata"; Víctor "N", "El Chato"; Viviano "N" and Carlos "N", "El Coyac".

Nereida, to the defense of Castro

Within the municipal government, the first to try to divert the information about the finding of the head next to the house of the security director was the city's own Mayoress Nereida Fuentes. Her first words to the media were that the scene of the crime was not located meters from the residence of Castro, but "nearby in the same colonia".

She even boasted that "Tecate keeps their numbers green, they mark a decline." "We are in a violent state, look at Tijuana and Mexicali, we are in the middle of two of the most violent cities in the country, we are not. We feel a greater stress by being those two cities. Baja California is an issue that must be addressed by all corporations, the five mayors and the governor. "

Fuentes saids he did talk to Castro Trenti about the head, and she justified herself: "As far as I could see, it was very directed (the head and the cardboard). It was at another address, I would expect the Attorney General to give the information, or at least, the progress of the investigation they can provide us or their version," and repeated, "it was addressed to the person at the address where it was found. "

However, the house that Fuentes refers to is owned by a merchant, the father of a family with roots in Tecate, an artisan producer with minor children and of whom the authorities do not suspect has links with organized crime.

In fact, this line of investigation has been discredited, because in interviews and statements from the neighbors of Castro Trenti, made by the agents of the investigation, they have not found any rationale other than its proximity to the head of police. They are sure: it was a message for him.