Guanajuato: six people killed, including a child and pregnant woman

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Guanajuato: six people killed, including a child and pregnant woman



IRAPUATO, Gto., (Appro) .- Six people, including a family with a five-year-old boy and a pregnant woman, were killed in attacks committed on Wednesday night in Irapuato and Silao.

Allegedly, the murders in Irapuato were committed by the same group of people with high-powered weapons, who were traveling in a black Audi car and trucks.

This vehicle arrived near 11:00 a.m. at the Murano shopping plaza in Irapuato, where its occupants fired on a group of people who were in the restaurant area.

There they murdered a man identified as Mario Alberto Orozco, and wounded at least four other people.

One version indicates that in that attack there was an exchange of shots, which continued until the Boulevard Heroes de Nacozari.

It was precisely on this avenue where there was the second attack on a family that was traveling in a black Spirit car.

The vehicles with the armed subjects blocked their way and shot the occupants, killing the driver, a pregnant woman (his wife) and a five-year-old boy.

A fourth occupant of the car survived.

Neighbors of the avenue heard the shots and warned the authorities through the 911 emergency number.

Municipal police officers who arrived at the sites where both attacks occurred, found numerous heavy caliber casings corresponding to AK 47 rifles or "goat horns".

In a statement released on networks, the Secretariat of Public Safety of Irapuato "lamented" the murders of the minor and the three adults and specified his intervention:

"After having knowledge of the facts, the elements of the Municipal Police attended and guarded the scenes and delivered (sic) the chain of custody to the investigating experts".

Silao: another attack at home

In Silao, also on Wednesday night, two young people were murdered inside a house in the community of Monte del Coecillo.

Neighbors of the address, located near the church of the community, reported to the authorities that they heard several bullets.

When the police arrived, they found two young men dead, one of 24 and the other a seventeen-year-old teenager, with traces of gunshots.

A third young man was treated for several injuries and transferred in serious condition to the general hospital.

All are from this community of Silao.