Gto - 4 dead, including a judge, in attack that started in Celaya's police headquarters

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Gto - 4 dead, including a judge, in attack that started in Celaya's police headquarters


April 19, 2019

MEXICO CITY (APR) .- Four deceased persons - among them a qualifying judge -, a detained hit man, a suspect, a wounded soldier and a vehicle burned was the final result of the attack of an armed group to the Northern Command of the Municipal Police and the subsequent pursuit of the aggressor group yesterday afternoon in the city of Celaya, Guanajuato.

In the reconstruction of facts, the Secretariat of Public Safety reported that around 4:25 pm, several armed individuals entered through the main door to the offices of the Northern Command of the General Directorate of the Municipal Police.

Once inside, the armed group went to the separations in order to take Armando "N", who was detained for crimes against health. The capture of this subject had been carried out hours earlier in the municipality of Jer├ęcuaro.

The security guards, he continued, let them pass without any problem because these subjects wore tactical uniforms, similar to those of the local police.

When the municipal police became ware of their intentions, they tried to stop them, but the assassins responded.  In the confrontation, the judge Francisco "N" was shot and wounded, although he lost his life minutes later, when he was treated at the hospital where he was taken.

In the fray, a second subject who was on the railing also died. This is Marco "N", who had a few minutes earlier been arrested.

According to the Secretary of Public Safety, action protocols were immediately activated between the State Attorney General's Office, State Public Security Forces, Military Police and Municipal Police to find those responsible.

This was how it was learned after the fire of a vehicle and another one with gunfire on the road to Salvatierra near the company Mabe.

After that incident - a "distraction", according to the police - there was another confrontation on the road to the community of Esperanza.

At that point, elements of the Municipal Police, State Public Security Forces and Military Police encountered the commando that had entered the Northern Command and were aboard three pick-up trucks.

In the shooting, two assassins lost their lives, including Marco "N", the man who had been released moments before, and a soldier was wounded.

In addition, another subject named Gilberto "N" was arrested. 28 years old and with address in San Juan de la Vega. The rest of the criminal group fled.

In the operation, three vehicles were confiscated: a white RAM van, GS150AA license plates; a Ford 50, UCD 53504 plates; a black Volvo 2010 model, GMT 183-A plates, as well as three short weapons.