Gto - 17 yr old alleged extortionist is castrated and tortured with message sliced into his chest

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Gto - 17 yr old alleged extortionist is castrated and tortured with message sliced into his chest


Sunday, February 3, 2019

A 17-year-old boy was found injured and with a message carved with a knife in his chest, in the municipality of Yuriria, Guanajuato.

The male was found in the Libramiento Sur, Yuriria-Salvatierra, at the height of Cuatro Caminos. The male wandered and when seen by the population, reported the event to 911 emergency.

The young man, identified as Diego "N" of 17 years and was admitted to a hospital.

In the chest and stomach, the following message marked with knives was appreciated: "This happened to me as an extortionist".

The Public Ministry took cognizance of the facts for its investigation.
The message read: "This happened to me for extortion." His name is Diego González Hernández, 17 years old.


 They threw him on the road after cutting off his penis A man was taken to the Yuriria Hospital for the injuries he presented, presumably he was made after being deprived of his liberty. Yesterday, from the central cabin, the mobilization of the personnel of the different corporations of the municipality was made to the Yuriria-Salvatierra Bypass in attention to an injured person. The report was issued by some drivers and people who when circulating the site could see that the young man was lying on the side of the road, near the municipal auditorium.

Units of Civil Protection and Citizen Security moved to the place indicated at the height of the area known as the bullets, after 8:50 pm yesterday Saturday.

The young man, approximately 17 years old with an unknown address, was taken care of by Civil Protection personnel who arrived immediately.

The affected person had blows to the head and was castrated, in addition to a message written on his stomach with a knife, once assessed on the site, it was recommended that he be transferred to the medical unit.

Minutes later, the young man in the Civil Protection ambulance was taken to the local Community Hospital, where his injuries would be assessed.