Gto.- 13 killed overnight in Guanajuato as violence continues

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Gto.- 13 killed overnight in Guanajuato as violence continues


October 17, 2020

Guanajuato-  Two days after the arrest of an alleged leader of a criminal group that operates in Guanajuato,  the homicides continue in several municipalities and yesterday León registered five of the 13 that occurred throughout the state.

5 dead in León; two were women
Two women were murdered yesterday in León.  One was shot in the head at her home, in the Guadalupe subdivision.  The crime occurred at 2:49 in the afternoon in a house on Opalo Street.

María Guadalupe, 47, was at home when criminals broke in and shot her at least once when facing her.

Relatives and neighbors heard the gunshot and made a report to the 911 emergency number, then they went to look for Guadalupe and found her unconscious.

“It's Lupe, she was very calm. They must have been wrong, ”said a neighbor who added that perhaps the hit men were going after other neighbors, or relatives of the victim.  The first to arrive at the crime scene were agents of the Municipal Police.  When they saw the bloody woman, they asked for paramedics to attend to her.

Firefighters rescuers did not take long to arrive, but upon contacting María Guadalupe they determined that she no longer had vital signs.  Municipal agents searched for those responsible for the homicide, who according to witnesses escaped towards Avenida Juárez, but the elements did not locate them.

Executed outside her home
The second woman murdered in León yesterday was a resident of the Villas de San Nicolás neighborhood.
She was shot to death outside her home, on San Valentino Berrio Street, around 6:45 in the morning.
 María del Rosario, 43, was approached by at least two men, took out a firearm and without saying anything they shot her.  She tried to run home, but couldn't.

Minutes later, in a private vehicle, the woman was taken to the Pediatric Hospital where minutes later she died from injuries to her back, chest and buttocks.

Municipal Police officers with yellow tape closed the street to prevent the scene from being contaminated, others searched for the murderers but did not locate them.

One dead and one injured in a gunshot attack in the San Isidro neighborhood.
This happened 15 minutes before 10 at night at the business "Los de Asada", on the corner of Araucaria de Jerez and San Pedro Boulevard.  Several men arrived in two cars and fired at the diners, then escaped.

A man who was having dinner died, and a young man who was playing a guitar was injured.

In Las Margaritas
A young man was shot to death inside his house, in the Las Margaritas neighborhood, in León.  The crime occurred at 4:30 am yesterday on Tierra Blanca street at the corner of Río Mayo.  Juan Manuel, 25, alias “El Juanillo”, heard a knock on the door, and when he opened it he was shot by two men who then fled in a compact car.  The young man was badly wounded and was lying in the middle of a pool of blood.  Fire paramedics arrived to help him, but he no longer had vital signs.

Barceló neighborhood
In another case, the body of a person wrapped in plastic bags was found on a dirt road in the Villas de Barceló neighborhood.  The discovery was recorded at 6:40 am yesterday morning at the Tajo Santa Ana corner with Avenida Olímpica.  Authorities reported that the victim's sex and cause of death are unknown.

Two in Celaya
Lying face down and with more than three gunshot wounds in the back, the body of a man was found in front of the Panteón Municipal Norte in Celaya.  At 8:30 p.m. Emergencias received a report of a firearm injured on Americas Street.  When paramedics arrived they found that the man had died.

According to witnesses, the victim was between 25 and 30 years old, was walking on the side of the tracks when he was killed by two motorcyclists.

On Thursday night, also in Celaya, the remains of a man were left in several streets.

Shortly after 11 p.m. the first reports of a human torso and a cardboard were received on Miguel Hidalgo Street, behind the Villa de los Álamos neighborhood.

Almost at the same time it was reported that the legs, arms and head of a person had been found on the Celaya-Cortazar Pan-American Highway, just over 500 meters from the exit of the city.

Police came to both places to close them and prevent pedestrians and motorists from approaching; the remains were about a kilometer from each other.

Until yesterday, the identity of the victim, a young man of about 25 years, was not known.

And six others dead
A 25-year-old man died in the hospital hours after being shot in the New Mexico neighborhood of Irapuato.

The attack occurred at 3:30 pm yesterday on Polanco Street, the young man was identified as "Chavita."

With traces of violence, the lifeless body of a man was found in the last street of the San Miguel neighborhood and near the Laja river, in Cortazar.

Around 10 o'clock in the morning yesterday, neighbors found the victim, in his 30s, inert among the herbs and called the police, when agents arrived they found that he was dead.

Human remains were found on the side of the southern highway bypass, shortly before 1 in the afternoon near the La Luz community, in Salamanca.

Elements of the Police went to the Valle de Santiago-Celaya stretch, in a vacant lot was a human torso.

Manuel Bent
A man was shot to death on a Manuel Doblado highway.

The crime occurred between the La Ola and Piedras Negras communities yesterday morning.

The victim was left inside a Ram 1500 truck, which was on, relatives identified her as Reyes, 47.

In Acámbaro a lifeless body was found, in the Encarnación community.

The victim was beheaded and left among cornfields, it is presumed that at least a week ago according to the state in which the body was.

On Thursday night, a man who was traveling on a motorcycle was shot to death while driving on Cristóbal Colón street in the San Pedro de los Naranjos community, in Salvatierra.