Grenade thrown at Restaurant in Sinaloa

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Grenade thrown at Restaurant in Sinaloa

EL ChaMuko

An unidentified group was present yesterday at a seafood restaurant located on Highway Culiacán to El Dorado, Sinaloa. The men threw a grenade against the business.

But the device did not detonate, but it was the jaw and windpipe of an employee of the restaurant vanished on the spot, when his companions rushed to see they realized that the grenade had been embedded.

He immediately boarded a private car and was taken to a hospital near the site. Staff called the authorities on how risky the situation was. The grenade had not detonated and could happen at any time.

So the Mexican Army showed up immediately to resolve the situation, while the area where the woman remained hospitalized was cleared in order to avoid risks.

The latest report on the situation is that the woman remains very delicate.