Grenade Attack in Matamoros

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Grenade Attack in Matamoros

MATAMOROS - We are learning more about a grenade attack across the border from Brownsville.

Mexican authorities tell CHANNEL 5 NEWS a grenade went off Tuesday night near the B&M International Bridge. A gun battled followed.

A Customs and Border Protection spokesperson says traffic into Mexico was stopped on the Mexican side. He says anytime something like this happens, US officials are in constant contact with their counterparts in Mexico.

"We do have a communication. We have a contingency plan in place and of course, after last night's incident the contingency plan was put into order and everything was ok," said CBP spokesman Eddie Perez.

Authorities say no one was hurt during the grenade attack.

This is the fourth grenade attack in the past few weeks and grenades were also used in a weekend battle.

A travel warning from US Department of State remains in effect. It advises citizens to travel into Mexico only if they have to. It also urges visitors to be aware of the risks involved when traveling into Mexico.

The bridge remains open at this hour, however officers are equipped with heavy weaponry and are on alert.