Gente Nueva del Tigre burn down building, leave message on dead cop's body in Bachiniva, Chih.; police building was used by El 80

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Gente Nueva del Tigre burn down building, leave message on dead cop's body in Bachiniva, Chih.; police building was used by El 80

There was a major armed attack in Bachiniva, Chihuahua. It was first reported as an attack by narcos against a police headquarters building. A message was left on a dead officer's body by the Gente Nueva del Tigre group. The only uncensored report I could find was out of Argentina.

However, new reports coming out of Chihuahua say this wasn't a police building at all, but rather a "barracks" used by the group led by El 80, with a false facade.

Below I've translated two articles highlighting this.

The reality is probably somewhere in between (my guess: local police collaborating with el 80 handed over control of or jointly used the police HQ building).

Narco attack in Mexico: a shooting, a fire and a message written on a police officer's corpse

A score of armed men fired on a police station in the municipality of Bachíniva, in northwestern Chihuahua.
December 15, 2017

Twenty armed people attacked and burned Bachíniva's command building.

A commando of at least 20 armed men attacked a municipal command building in the municipality of Bachíniva, in the northwest of Chihuahua. They burned down the building, two patrol cars and another car, and killed a security office, whose body was written on by "Gente Nueva del Tigre", an organized crime group that is fighting over the area.

The men arrived at the headquarters of Bachíniva the morning of Thursday with weapons of large caliber like AK47, known locally as "goat hoars", and R15s in .22, 9 and 7.62 × 39 millimeters calibers.

Two policemen who were in the building requested reinforcements and tried to repel the attack, but the commando fired for more than 20 minutes, set fire to the place, two police vans and a private vehicle.

They also murdered police officer Salomón Santos Gribalba, on whose body was written the words "Gente Nueva del Tigre", and then the attackers fled to the municipality of Cuauhtémoc.

The policeman died after the attack on the municipal headquarters of Bachíniva. The members of the organized crime left a message on his torso and identified themselves as "New People of the Tiger".

As a result of this attack, the authorities suspended school classes in the municipality and reinforced security in the area.

In recent weeks a series of attacks against police have occurred in different municipalities of Chihuahua, in northern Mexico.

A day before the attack, the body of police officer José Adrián Ibarra Villegas, 28 years old, was located in the Glorieta de los Venados, in the municipality of Madera, in Chihuahua. He had been kidnapped the last 8th of September.

On his half-naked body there was written a death threat aimed at 15 policemen and former agents, who were warned to leave the area in 24 hours.

On Saturday, December 9, an armed commando fired at two officers in the town of La Junta, in the municipality of Guerrero. The commander Jesús Enrique Rodríguez Montes and his boss Sergio Guadalupe Montes de Oca were intercepted in the street on November 20, when they were traveling on their patrol.

Rodriguez Montes, 51, died and Montes de Oca, 41, was taken to a hospital where he recovered from gunshot wounds.

The town of La Junta is located 124 kilometers from Bachíniva. They are territories that dispute the posters of La Línea and Gente Nueva, who have a presence throughout the state of Chihuahua, according to the Attorney General's Office (PGR).

It was not a police command building attacked in Bachiniva; It was El 80's barracks

Posted By EditorR - December 16, 2017

BACHINIVA, CHIH.- Reports from the State Attorney General's Office indicate that the Bachiniva Municipal Police command was actually a security barracks for the drug lord, Arturo Quintana Quintana, better known as el "80".

Upon arrival of elements of the State Security Commission and the Attorney General of the State to the alleged command structure, they realized that it was actually a security barracks used by members of the Nuevo Cartel of Ciudad Juarez.

The false command building had a false facade, but inside it was built a barrier that surrounded the entire structure to be able to "shield" it from armed attacks by their enemies or the armed forces.