Four bodies found in Juarez=possible Julián Pérez Leyzaola connection.

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Four bodies found in Juarez=possible Julián Pérez Leyzaola connection.

CIUDAD JUAREZ. The bodies of four young people "detained" by agents of the Delta Group of the Municipal Police 19 days ago, were found half-buried in a gap near the Cerro del Caballo, located south of the border, the kilometer 33 of the Casas Grandes highway.

The discovery was made hours after the hearing began a process linking three city officials identified as Leonardo Ivan Loya Hernandez, Eugenio Cuesta de los Santos and Francisco Javier Campoy Dominguez, who allegedly participated in the detention of the victims.

The bodies of Juan Carlos Chavira Soprano, 28, Dante Castillo de la O, 25, Raul Navarro Soprano, 23, and Felix Torres Vizcarra, 22, who showed signs of torture and were gagged, were found by a rancher, whose car got stuck in one of the gaps and force to get out of the vehicle found two of the bodies.

The State Attorney General performed the excavation and afterwards family members arrived at the scene, who broke into tears as they recognized their loved ones.

The four youths were arrested by elements of Delta Group, who manned the units 417, 420, 504, 506 and 509, on Saturday March 26, around 19:00 hours.

The case caught the attention of international human rights organizations such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International and called for the intervention of the federal government to investigate the chief of the SSPM, Lieutenant Colonel Julián Pérez Leyzaola.