Four Mexicans wanted in Argentina; linked to Los Cuinis/CJNG

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Four Mexicans wanted in Argentina; linked to Los Cuinis/CJNG

Note: This has been in the news in Argentina since late October and early September 2019.

On August 23, 2019, Morón's federal judge Néstor Barral, ordered the international capture of four members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) for being part of an illegal association accused of laundering US $1,800,000 through a business in Puerto Madero, a district in Buenos Aires.

The four men are Francisco Marzio Medina González, Pedro Merced Medina Lizarraga, Julio César Alegre Ortega and Rodrigo Lepe Uribe. These Mexicans citizens worked in Buenos Aires under Gerardo González Valencia (pictured), one of the chiefs of "Los Cuinis", the financial arm of the CJNG.

Two Argentine judicial sources with access to the file confirmed to the press that the judge sent an appeal to Mexico for the International Police (Interpol) to detain them and extradite them to Argentina for money laundering.

The judge also prosecuted two Argentines who collaborated with the Mexicans in the laundering: taxi driver Marcelo Arias, pointed out as frontman, and Oscar Calvete, an alleged administrator. In addition, together with the prosecutor Sebastián Basso, he asked the Uruguayan authorities to investigate González Valencia on this specific case.


The investigation began on March 10, 2009 when one of the Mexicans was involved in a car accident with his Chevrolet Astra in Puerto Madero. Officials arrived at the scene and asked for the car's documentation, but the Mexican nationals threatened them: "In my country [you] would already be dead." The police began to investigate who they were.

Once the file was opened, Judge Barral and Prosecutor Basso discovered that Gonzalez Valencia was heading a money laundering scheme. Gonzalez Valencia began his career in drug trafficking. In the U.S., he is wanted for reportedly coordinating the shipment of least 5 kilos of cocaine and 500 grams of methamphetamines from Mexico and elsewhere into U.S. soil. However, Gonzalez Valencia later shifted to money laundering, and decided to move to Argentina and Uruguay, where he purchased a large house in Punta del Este. He owned nine high-end cars and 45 cell phones. He was arrested in 2016 in Montevideo.

Before moving to Uruguay, Gerardo was in Argentina with his family. To launder his profits, he opened a convenience store called "Corner, my place" on Pierina Dialesi 260 street, in Puerto Madero, and he planned to add a store in front of Plaza Congreso and another one close to the Obelisco de Buenos Aires, a national monument. His idea was to invest US$2,500,000. For that, he hired Arias - appointed as a frontman -,Calvete - local manager - and the Italian Giuliano Gasparotto - also in charge of the business and Hotelito Desconocido. The González Valencia clan was not on the radar of the United States when Gerardo operated in Argentina, but they are now wanted for being associated to the CJNG.

* Court document here