Former alleged Juarez Cartel boss arrested in hotel with friends and prostitutes in Brasilia, Brazil

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Former alleged Juarez Cartel boss arrested in hotel with friends and prostitutes in Brasilia, Brazil

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Thursday, February 28, 2019

A former leader of Cartel Juarez, one of the largest in Mexico, Lúcio Rueda Bustos was arrested in the Federal District by the Civil Police. He was in the pool of a luxury hotel in the North Hotel Sector (SHN), accompanied by five friends, carrying fraudulent documents - taken from a false Birth Certificate - and was eventually detained.

According to the deputy director of the DRC, delegate Luiz Henrique Dourado, police investigated the group, which had been staying there for days, since receiving a complaint. They called attention because they consumed high-value products, spent with program girls, and always paid cash.

On the afternoon of Wednesday (27/2), when they were caught by the police, they could not explain what they were doing in Brasilia. Among them was an accountant.

"They counted divergent versions. They were two Mexicans and four people from other states. We distrusted them and took them to the police station. When we checked the documentation, we saw that Lúcio Rueda had his identity and license fraudulent. In addition, we found BRL $ 30,000 (USDE $8,000) in cash in his room. We also locate jewelry, "explained Dourado.

Civil police confirmed that the criminal came to Brazil in 2002 and began to do money laundering in the interior of Paraná. At the time, Rueda arrived in the capital of Paraná with $ 30 million in luggage. He was arrested in 2006 under Operation Zapata, tried and convicted by then Judge Sergio Moro, now Minister of Justice, 10 years and six months in prison for money laundering. He served four years and was released.

Lucio used the same document presented to the civil police of the DF, under the name of Ernesto Plascencia San Vicente. "This false identity was produced in the Federal District. The document was not seized at the time of the conviction and he returned to make use of it, "added the delegate. The suspect is suspected of being in the capital to launder money.

After being arrested, Lúcio Rueda Bustos, the second in the hierarchy of the cartel, stated in testimony that he had two names and all his documents were true. "He's cold and easy-minded," the delegate said. The suspect was sentenced to custody in court on Thursday (28) and the arrest in the act was converted into a preventive.

"In spite of having already served his sentence, five years have passed since the extinction and is still considered a repeat offender. In this tuning, the granting of provisional release or the application of precautionary measures are not recommended, "said Judge Lorena Alves OCampos.

The Wednesday's arrest by the PCDF has left federal police on alert, as it is still necessary to investigate whether the suspect has criminal activity in the capital.

US $ 200 million per week

During the 1980s and 1990s, Lúcio Rueda Bustos was the treasurer of Amado Carrillo Fuentes, head of the Juárez cartel, Mexico's largest narco-trafficker organization.

According to the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the cartel made $ 200 million a week in drug trafficking and accounted for 50 percent of all narcotics entering the United States.

In Ciudad Juárez, a town on the border with the United States, Fuentes was known as "the lord of the skies" for using Boeing 727 to transport Colombian cocaine to US territory.

In the first half of the 1990s, the cartel began to transport drugs also by ship, from Mexico to New York (USA). Pursued by the US and Mexican governments, Fuentes decided to change his face in a hospital in the Mexican capital on July 3, 1997. After eight hours of surgery, the drug dealer began to have adverse reactions caused by anesthesia and died. As a revenge, Fuentes's group murdered all the doctors who participated in the operation.

The cartel is one of several drug trafficking organizations known for decapitating its rivals, mutilating their bodies and dumping them in public places to instill fear, not only for the general public but also for local authorities and their rivals.

Lúcio Rueda Bustos is married to a Brazilian woman and lives in Paraná. The money, the cell phone of the former leader of the cartel and the jewelry found with the group at the luxury hotel will be the subject of investigation. All five of the accused who were with him were released.

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Re: Former alleged Juarez Cartel boss arrested in hotel with friends and prostitutes in Brasilia, Brazil

When was he last active in Juarez?  He is not of the last 15 years.