Former Public Safety Director and 5 former police arrested, linked to Gulf Cartel

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Former Public Safety Director and 5 former police arrested, linked to Gulf Cartel



MONTERREY, NL (approved) .- A former director of Public Safety in Cadereyta and and five former police of the same municipality were arrested for working for a cartel in the town, announced the Justice Attorney Roberto Flores Treviño.

Former head of Public Security of Cadereyta was identified as Luis Gerardo Moreno Fuentes, while ex-police are: Victor Alberto Gonzalez Alvarez, Roberto Antonio Manrique Pacheco, Cristián Ignacio Martinez Villalobos, Gilberto Vargas Villasaldo and Jose Merced Guerrero Aguirre who presented his resignation in May and June this year.

A source close to the investigation said that the above public servants, as well as two other people arrested were part of the Gulf Cartel (CDG).

All were captured by members of the Office of Strategic Operations of the Office of Nuevo Leon, along with Jose Mauro Flores Garza, CDG plaza chief, and his son José Mauro Flores.

The criminal cell is investigated for its involvement in crimes of drug dealing, extortion and theft of hydrocarbon in the municipalities of Benito Juarez and Allende.

The alleged criminals were arrested last weekend in downtown Cadereyta, a town located 30 kilometers east of the capital. The group they were seized more than six kilograms of marijuana, 49 grams of cocaine, ready for distribution, as well as four handguns and long firearms.