Former Police Chief of T.J. says gov needs a unified security strategy or violence will be worse ever

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Former Police Chief of T.J. says gov needs a unified security strategy or violence will be worse ever

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Security chief calls for national accord

Alberto Capella warns of 'worst security crisis ever' in 2018

Mexico News Daily | Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The state of Morelos security chief warns that the empowerment of organized crime groups could see Mexico live through its “worst crisis” of insecurity ever in 2018 and called for the creation of a national security pact to combat the growing threat.

In an interview with Milenio Television, Alberto Capella Ibarra, a former Tijuana police chief, said political differences need to be put to one side in order to forge an agreement and avoid the worst.

“We don’t want to appear fatalist or defeatist and lower the flag. We want to be realistic and find an alternative to stop what could become in 2018 the worst crisis of insecurity and violence…[ever] in our beloved Mexican republic.”
He outlined the fundamental elements to his proposal during the interview.

First, political parties need to make a truce so that the issue of public security isn’t used for partisan advantage so parties can instead collaboratively create a strategic agenda on security.

Capella explained that the agenda must allow for discussion about and the immediate approval of all means required by armed forces and police to counter crime.

He also said that the agreement must specify what the responsibilities and commitments of government and institutional leaders in different parts of the country would be.

Capella stressed that all groups and sectors of civil society including non-governmental organizations, human rights groups and universities should be involved in the formation of the agreement.

“If we don’t create this agreement, next year we are going to be in the same circumstances, talking about the rise [in crime] in 2018 compared to 2017.”

Capella also highlighted seven factors that he believes have increased the security threat in Mexico.

They are, in summary:

• Empowerment of organized crime groups and the diversification of their activities, causing violence between them.

• Failure to restructure or professionalize police forces.

• Polarization of political parties and the use of public security as an issue for partisan advantage.

• An economic downturn that limits employment and education opportunities.

• The “Trump Effect” that also has a negative economic impact.

• Deportations to Mexico of gangsters and criminals from the United States.

• Power vacuums after changes of government, especially in security forces.

Meanwhile, in another interview, the politician responsible for internal security recognized that turf wars between cartels had increased, attributing it to power struggles after their “beheading” by the federal government.

Interior Secretary Miguel Osorio Chong told Radio Fórmula that “these blows have been essential because they allow government to know more about them and how they move drugs,” and reiterated that efforts to stop cartels from making territorial gains will continue.

“We have to combat them and let the rule of law” do its part.
(canadiana-I don't know about that last statement of the above by Osorio Chong).
Source: Milenio (sp)
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Re: Former Police Chief of T.J. says gov needs a unified security strategy or violence will be worse ever

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Reading through my shit smeared glasses, it sounds like the corrupt power elite of Mexico are afraid "their" Golden Goose is in grave danger.

Among other things from the list of 7 concerns, just think, Mexico is worried about getting its criminals back from the USA.  I didn't hear any complaints while these criminals were doing crime and mayhem in the USA and sending billions of dollars back to Mejico.  

 We are sure living in turbulent (paradigm shift) times. [This is not even factoring other world problems like war with Islam,spreading drug abuse, globalization issues,  etc]. What will the USA and Mexico look like in 6 to 10 years?  

IMO, if I was a corrupt Mexican "rico" or oligarch, I'd be worried... real worried because some serious shit is coming down the rails for Mexico, the USA and many other countries in the world....