Former Federal Police Commander executed in Tijuana.

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Former Federal Police Commander executed in Tijuana.

Google translation:

TIJUANA - . The former commander of the Federal Police (PF ) in the Airport of Mexico City, Fernando Camp Rodriguez was found dead last Friday night, one month after his abduction.

The former commander was abducted on February 17 at his home located in the Hidalgo neighborhood, according to locals, two men attempted to enter the residence two days after the kidnapping, but were arrested by Municipal Police then taken to the Ministerio Publico .

During the investigations and interrogations of detainees they said they came to steal money hidden at CampĀ“s home and so it would pay the former commander rescue , but after being surprised by the municipal agents, the deal went down after the ransom was not paid.

It was also discovered that the man kidnapped , was co-owner and partner of a gym in Tijuana. Last Friday his body was found on the sidewalk in front of house number 11856 from Manuel Esperon Street located in the 20 de Noviembre neighborhood.

The former commander was strangled . There are suspicions of state police detectives that the kidnapping is related to the murder of Daniel Emilio Lopez, occurred on February 18 at the Las Palmas, in the subdivision of the same name.

This is believed based on information located on other properties owned by the former federal commander.
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