Federal Police Attack Victim

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Federal Police Attack Victim


Both women attended the Radio Formula study to detail their case to the journalist Ciro Gómez Leyva, since they say that at the beginning of the meeting -which was held last Tuesday-, one of the investigators said it was “a nuisance meeting with the victims , "well," that delays investigations. "

In this regard, Deborah explained that the Federal Police authorities have given the order to record them in all their meetings , which ensures "puts them at risk."

In the meeting that was supposed to know details about the kidnapping of David Ramírez, Deborah was the victim of abuse by the elements of the institution, because, through a couple of videos, he showed the way in which they aggressively physical and psychologically

"We're going to rape you," was one of the phrases that most frightened Deborah, as more than two policemen told her while they pulled her and cornered a pickup truck .

But, unfortunately, the men were not the only ones who attacked her, as women police officers beat her .

Due to this, the kidnapped sister was damaged by blows to the belly and other parts of the body.

On the investigation of the fact 8 years ago, the mother and daughter have not received any progress, although the identity of David's kidnapper has been known since 2013 .