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<b>Some great points...for the most part I loved it.  I also love the part where he suggest a guest worker program.  I have been screaming for that for a couple years now.  Remember the Bracero Program?  I just read an indepth analysis of it, it is was not perfect but pretty damn good.  The beauty is it has been tried and used and ran its course (years alloted)  and was zapped.  why?  I have been asking why since then.  the problems can be corrected.  This will protect the migrants, and the US as we will know where they are, etc and they pay taxes. Also covers, Gun Runner, Az Law etc... Buela
An open letter to Barak Obama about the border
by Hugh Holub on May. 14, 2011, under border issues, border patrol, border patrol tucson sector, customs and border protection, drug smuggling, grassley, immigration law reform, mexican drug cartels, politics, project gunrunner, SB 1070

To: Barak Obama
President of the United States
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Re: Invitation to visit the border in Arizona

Dear President Obama

I understand you have been invited to visit Nogales, Arizona by the Mayor of that city for the dedication of the new Mariposa Port of Entry .

Please come to the Arizona-Mexico border and not only visit the new port facility, but also to see the border in all its diverse manifestation.

Please come to the Arizona-Mexico border and meet with the diverse people who are the voices of the border’s issues.

Please bring with you leaders of both political parties from the US House and Senate. Especially include Senators Kyl, McCain and Grassley and Representatives Grijalva, Chaffetz and Issa.

Here is a proposed itinerary and discussion topics for the visit:

Fly into Davis Monthan AFB in Tucson and take a helicopter tour of the Arizona border region. Fly over the various Border Patrol office complexes in Tucson and Nogales and Sonoita and see all the Border Patrol vehicles parked in their parking lots. See the checkpoints on Interstate 19, and other roads in the region. Then fly the line from Douglas out over the Tohono O’odham Indian Nation and see where the border fence has been constructed and where it has not been completed. See the rugged countrysides and deserts where immigrants and drug smugglers cross into the United States. Maybe you might even see drug cartel spotters sitting on our mountain tops guiding groups of undocumented aliens and drug smugglers aroundBorder Patrol deployment. The borderlands residents will not agree the border is “secure” until the drug cartel spotters and smugglers are ousted from the United States.

Then stop in Nogales and walk down Morley Avenue and then go to the Nogales Wal Mart and see hundreds of Mexicans shopping in border stores contributing to the US economy.. Talk to people you meet in the stores and the store keepers about the economic importance of trade with Mexico. You will see first hand that it is true that border security inside border cities is vastly improved as claimed.

Then tour both the DeConcini Port of Entry and the new Mariposa Port of Entry and see what the gateways to the United States look like. In particular notice the massive traffic jams at the two ports. The USEPA can provide you with documentation that these traffic jams create a serious air pollution problem on both sides of our border.

Then meet with a delegation of maquiladora, produce and retail interests to talk about the problems of crossing the border. They will tell you that building fancy new port facilities is wonderful…but the lack of sufficient Customs and Border Protection officers to staff the ports takes away the benefits of expanded port facilities and still leaves the border gummed up and not functioning as well as it should. You will hear requests for more funding to fully staff the ports of entry.

Then meet with the border county sheriffs from Cochise, Santa Cruz, Pima and Yuma counties. You will get a diverse view of the border from Dever, Estrada, Dupnik and Ogden. Since federal border enforcement authority and strategies reach 100 miles into the US, also include sheriffs Babeu and Arpaio.

You will hear vastly different views of the border security “problem” from these sheriffs. There is truth in all of what they have to say because they are the front line of the human smuggling and drug trafficking problems in our state.

Then meet with some of the Samaratans…folks who go out in our deserts every day to provide water and first aid to undocumented immigrants who get in mortal danger trying to enter the United States. They have some chilling stories to tell you about the humanitarian crisis in our borderlands.

Then meet with the Pima County Medical Examiner who will describe Pima’s morgue full of unidentified bodies of undocumented immigrants who died in our deserts. Hundreds of bodies are found every year around here. Bodies will continue to be discovered as long as the remains are intact and many will never be discovered because of the rugged nature of the region.

Then visit the site of one of the rape trees along our border. There is one near Arivaca. Consider the violence being wrought against undocumented aliens in our borderlands by bandits.

Then meet with representatives of the Tohono O’odham Indian Nation and hear ther version of the border security problem and the impacts on their people. Half of the dead undocumented aliens being discovered ion our borderlands are found on the Indian lands.

Then visit the site where Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was murdered by some of the border bandits and talk to some ATF agents who blew the whistle on their bosses for “walking” guns to the Mexican drug cartel. Two of those “walked” guns were found t agent Terry’s murder scene. Meet with agent Terry’s family.

Begin to consider that your administration’s approach to the Gunwalker scandal should not be hiring a public relations agent, but to weed out of the government the misguided management that “walked” the guns. Make sure your administration understands that any US official who impedes Senator Grassley’s and Representative Issa’s investigation into Gunwalker will be fired and turned over to the US Attorney’s office for prosecution for obstruction of justice.

Then come to one of the border ranches and meet with Sue Krentz, the widow of Robert Krentz and, Dan Bell and Tom Kay and Jim Chilton and others whose ranches are along the border and daily have to deal with drug smugglers and undocumented aliens in areas where…by the Border Patrol’s own admission, the border is not secure. Hear there stories.

I would hope by the time you visit our borderlands you will see what the problems really are.

First, I would hope that you begin to understand that when folks around here demand that the border be secured, we’re not talking about a moat filled with alligators and 10,000 more Border Patrol agents.

What we are questioning is why the federal government cannot finish building the fence. As your own Government Accounting Office has documented, your federal land managers along the border are impeding securing the border.

What we are questioning is why the Border Patrol has spread itself around 100 miles into the interior of the United States instead of concentrating themselves at the border.

What we are questioning is why the federal government cannot adequately staff its ports of entry.

What we are questioning is why the federal government cannot come up with a visa tracking system so 6 million people who entered the US andoerstayed their visas cannot be found.

What we are questioning is why a Guest Worker program cannot be developed immediately to get people out of our deserts and mountains.

What we are questioning is why are parts of our country being taken over by the drug cartels armed with automatic weapons.

What we are questioning is why some sort of legalization process cannot be agreed upon to bring 11 million undocumented aliens above-ground.

As the final stop in your trip, I’d like you to enjoy some bar b que steaks at oine of the border ranches and have a frank discussion between yourself and key congressional leaders to develop a legislative package that secures the border and straightens out our immigrtation mess.

The claim that legalization is going to benefit Democrats in 2012 is actually bogus. If you knew our Hispanic residents you’d begin to see what a mistake it has been for some to demonize illegal aliens. We have millions of people who believe in the American dream of hard work equals a better life. If they weren’t the target of xenophobes, they just as likely would vote Republican in the future.

We must break the political and rhetorical impass we are in now on the border. Neither side of the border debate should use the border for political gain as this does nothing to actually solve our border and immigration problems.

Come to our border Mr. President and hear all the diverse voices coming from our region….aid workers, retired Border Patrol agents, ranchers, sheriffs, produce importers, store keepers…and appreciate everyone is right fromtheir side and between all of the various views there are solutions we can all agree on.

Thank you.
The way I see it.... the more people that don't like me, the less people I have to please