Europol warns Mexican drug traffickers are gaining ground in Europe

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Europol warns Mexican drug traffickers are gaining ground in Europe

April 12, 2013

According to Mexican intelligence, drug groups are used as "coordinators" in global cocaine trafficking to Europe and North America and the production and distribution of synthetic drugs in these two markets and in the Asian

BRUSSELS. European Police Office (Europol) today warned that Mexican criminal groups are trying to establish themselves as key players in the European market and are involved in drug trafficking cases as well as in trading and transferring arms and human beings on the continent.
Europol, explained in a statement, distributed among its European Union partners and other areas about the impact of Mexican organized crime in Europe.
According to intelligence gathered by the European police office, Mexican drug trafficking groups are already "coordinators" in global cocaine trafficking to Europe as well as North America as well as producing and distributing synthetic drugs in these markets and in Asia.
"During the last decade, the Mexican organized crime groups have developed a key role in the landscape of international organized crime," says Europol.
The European agency also emphasizes the participation of groups such as "Los Zetas"-calling them "powerful and violent criminal syndicates" - trafficking in human beings for sexual exploitation from northeastern Europe to Mexico.
"Mexican criminal groups are also dealing in firearms in southeastern Europe to swap with criminals involved in the cocaine trade in the center of South America," Europol stated.

"it is expected that Mexican organized crime groups will continue to expand their role in the supply chain in Europe to increase their profits," says Europol.
The European Police Office said that "recently" we will prohibit the Sinaloa cartel in Europe from establishing their business of  developing a wholesale distribution of cocaine.
The community agency stresses that these organizations are "extremely violent culture", but for now have been only been in Europe "a number of isolated incidents", including an assassination attempt.
"We do not want the level of violence and brutality we see in Mexico ever reflected in Europe," he said in the statement Europol Director Rob Wainwright.
He explained that the European office "will continue its efforts to deal with the criminals active in the illegal drug market and ensure that Mexican organized crime groups can not gain a foothold in Europe."

{to go off quickly in an unrelated direction because the photo is so compelling ..."what's not to like" }

Honduras Police identified a link to Los Zetas with the discovery of  a network that sells weapons to Los Zetas, within and outside the country.

Claudia Maria Zepeda Lardy, 42, in whose home they locate and secured machine guns, grenades and high-powered ammunition, and a kilo of cocaine.
Elvis Guzman, spokesman of the northern Honduras Public Ministry reported The woman was sent yesterday to the Sampedrano criminal center under judicial custody as reported .

"During the plea hearing the judge ruled the defendant was to be sent to Sampedrano prison center, but the prosecution requested that she be transferred to Tamara, as she is highly dangerous. She was trafficking pseudoephedrine and would be selling weapons to Los Zetas, here in Honduras and abroad, "said Guzman.
 Lardy Zepeda is accused by the Prosecution of Organized Crime of drug trafficking and storage of prohibited weapons of war and ammunition.
According to La Prensa de Honduras, the woman was arrested Wednesday morning in a house she rented in the main street of the Del Valle in San Pedro Sula.

Quickly on to Michoacan
the Department of Public Safety of the State of Mexico dismantled a criminal cell of the Knights Templar in Atlacomulco  north of the State of Mexico, and secured an arsenal that includes assault rifles, grenades and bulletproof vests.
As part of intelligence work, the troops deployed in an operation near the Ticti, when detection of a convoy of three stolen trucks was reported
In the operation they arrested nine suspected criminals, and have secured weapons etc exclusively (supposed to be exclusively) used by the Army. Arsenal of 27 guns, 13 handguns and 15 long, five grenades, 36,470 rounds of various calibers of ammunition of different calibers, body armor and ballistic plates, etc.

24 mex