El Checo or El 6 of Mexicali

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El Checo or El 6 of Mexicali

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I was reading about El Checo or El 6 long time plaza boss of Mexicali and this guy is undoubtedly a heavyweight. Deelucky has refer to El Checo as going way back or being brother of Rigoberto Campos Salcido “El Rigo” nephew of Manuel Salcido Uzueta “El cochiloco” associate of both Chapo Guzmán and MZ.

El Checo or El 6 is around the age of Mencho both are around 55 years old both are low profile. I honestly thought El Checo was younger maybe 33 years old around the age Vicente Zambada who is 44 I think.

Also, true that Macho Prieto gets the attention but no doubt that El Checo has been around way longer than MP plus they where compadres.

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 27 -- Federal prosecutors say they have seized or frozen an estimated $14 million in assets in the United States and Mexico that were allegedly bought with proceeds from a large-scale cocaine smuggling ring. The U.S. Attorney's Office says Mexican authorities have frozen approximately $10.5 million held in Mexican bank accounts linked to the ring, which allegedly operated between Mexicali and Calexico.

The U.S. government has seized 13 pieces of property, including 10 homes, that are valued in excess of $4 million. The ring's suspected kingpin, Sergio Campos-Salcido, and his wife, Raquel Maria Trujillo-Yanez, are fugitives. Two others, Claudia Mendoza-Ibarra and John Loren Matkin, have been arrested. All four were indicted this week by a San Diego grand jury, which charged them with conspiracy to aid and abet the distribution of cocaine and conspiracy to launder money. U.S. Attorney Alan Bersin called the case a 'crucial milestone' in coordinated law enforcement actions by the United States and Mexico. Bersin said, 'The parallel seizure of assets in each of the two countries is additional evidence that our common border offers no sanctuary either to criminals or to the proceeds of their criminal activity. Increasingly, we can follow and track down both the defendants and the money.' Federal prosecutors say Campos-Salcido allegedly organized and directed the ring, and the proceeds were used to buy property in Imperial and Riverside County, including lots that were being used for new home development projects. ---

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Re: El Checo or El 6 of Mexicali

trae linea directa de los meros grandes
su perfil es bajo eso es muy importante
se a ganado el puesto aqui en el cartel
del señor joaquin y tambien de ismael

protege la empresa por la misma causa
del jefe de arriba del señor zamabada
alla en la tia juana equipo de aquiles
junto con la rana todo el tiempo firmes
le dice el viejano andamos con todo
ni quien los detengan dice el enchiloso
aya en la frontera quedo un buen escudo
el tony y el charlie cuidando los puntos

Aqui vamos con la empresa VIP, PURO IMPERIAL)

no ha sido tan facil estar donde estamos
y muy bien lo sabe mi hermano el chapo
mi clave es el 6 y mi apodo es el checo
a quien lo merezca tiene mi respeto

compadre XL y compadre zama
hablenle a juanito pa una pocareada
pa brindar que sea un trago de buchanas
si nos picochamos haber quien nos para

no hay ningun pendiente vamos a enfiestarnos
que se jale enigma con el legionario
el grupo imperial el perfil de empresario
comprade luison sabe que lo apresiamos.