'El Alvin', the Zetas founder whose death was fabricated

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Re: 'El Alvin', the Zetas founder whose death was fabricated

El_Bujo wrote
Maxi, if I may ask how do you know Chuta is half Italian?

If this is true then this absolutely explains a lot; more than likely he is the liaison/ambassador to the Italians.

Don’t forget, Ndrangheta (Italy) moves over 80% of the coke throughout Europe and its been noted for a long time now that they have an alliance with Z/CDN...

Chuta is definitely turning out to be a very important man.
It might make sense. Chuta was/is an old school reliable MAN (unlike fuck up new generation rambos telling their lives on facebook and instagram) from the times of Carrillo Fuentes. I think he was probably at some point one of the soldiers working with the narco general Jesús Gutiérrez Rebollo during the 90s. And  when Rebollo got arrested it was the moment when Chuta became a "criminal" officially speaking. He had the connections and means to move at least one TON of cocaine (when now most cartels struggle to move 300 kilos) weekly. I believe he  at some point  was an associate to the Ndrangheta or did a few business with them. But that's just my theory.