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Eduardo Guadalupe Beltrán Gómez

Have you ever heard about Eduardo Guadalupe Beltrán Gómez?

Newspapers in Merida are reporting this person is related to BLO, he was arrested and set free in just one day:

Rapid release of Eduardo Beltrán Gómez

    He was released yesterday at 2 am / His lawyers filed an amparo against the arrest / There was no arrest warrant against him and the case did not reach the Public Prosecutor's Office, despite being arrested after a strong police operative.

The Public Security Ministry returned the alleged offender Eduardo Guadalupe Beltrán Gómez, who was detained after intensive persecution in the streets of the north of the city, by promoting his lawyers an amparo against the arrest.
As it turned out, Beltrán Gómez's lawyers went to the police building and exhibited the amparo granted by a District Judge, for the arrest of the suspect, since there was no arrest warrant against him, as was verified in the system of Platform Mexico.
It was indicated that the detainee was also not drunk, was not found in the insured vehicle neither weapons nor drugs, meaning that it is a "white dove," according to official media.
The case was not even turned over to the State Attorney General's office, the individual was released around 2 am yesterday, hours after he was arrested in the middle of a strong police operative on streets north of the city of Mérida, at the height of the exclusive Algarrobos residential, at the entrance of the private Porto Belo.
In the media, the name of the detainee who has ties to the Beltrán Leyva family was mentioned, a ZAR-409-A, black, accompanied by a lady was being transported on board a Ford Explorer Limited van.
In the official version it appears that elements of the Public Security Department, at the entrance of the City Center mall, marked the stop to the driver, as it had very dark polarized glass.
The agents, seeing that the handlebar ignored the indications, reported to the plant and began the persecution with the support of other patrols, who closed the way to the entrance of the exclusive subdivision.
When he got out of the van, he became impertinent, recorded the arrest and had to be subjected and boarded a unit, the lady who accompanied him also behaved aggressively and refused to get off the truck, so he was hooked to a crane and transferred with her to the corporation.
There the woman went down and retired, since there were no charges against him, Beltrán Gómez was arrested in an administrative way, checked his records and found that he had no outstanding accounts with justice, an amparo arrived and the Department Legal Secretary of Public Security ordered his release.