Drones over Tamaulipas

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Drones over Tamaulipas

In the face of the insecurity that strangles Tamaulipas, the project to monitor the state's highways with drones was announced, after a Chinese company has become interested in the security strategy.

The teams would travel on the roads leading to the border, including Nuevo Laredo-Nuevo León and Nuevo Laredo-Reynosa and the center of the state.

The project consists of installing 36 safe stations on the roads, with an investment of 100 million pesos, whose budget was approved last year for the current year.

To the project of the safe stations that will be in a perimeter of each 50 kilometers, detailed, will be added the installation of metal arches and the surveillance of the roads through the Chinese drones.

He indicated that other companies are also interested in the project to monitor the road network with the support of drones, so it is not certain that Huawei will develop the technology.

Although the original project contemplates 36 stations, the initial stage would start with 11 stops, due to the fact that the drone installation raised the cost of the plan.

Some roads that are considered to install safe stations are:
Nuevo Laredo-Reynosa
Nuevo León-Nuevo Laredo
Victoria-San Luis Potosí
Victoria-San Fernando
San Fernando-Matamoros
Reynosa-San Fernando
Rio Bravo-Valle Hermoso