DEA claims Chinese Mafia helps cartels launder money

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DEA claims Chinese Mafia helps cartels launder money

Mexican drug traffickers are helped by Chinese organizations that are based in Mexico City to launder the money they obtain for the sale of drugs around the world.

In presenting its National Assessment on the Drug Threat for 2017, the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) reported that Chinese groups have cells in the main capitals of the world. , like New York and Los Angeles, which receive cash that they can pay in the Mexican capital on the same day, in exchange for a set rate.

Criminal organizations in the United States, explains the DEA, play a key role in the laundering of money from Mexican drug trafficking.


The transfers of funds include territories such as China and Hong Kong, where organizations have front companies that serve to triangulate resources.

The DEA says that in Colombia and Venezuela, Chinese criminals can send transfers between banks internationally which can then be used as legal funds to be used with debit cards issued locally.

For the Anti-Drug Agency, it is likely that these Chinese organizations will continue to expand their relations with the Mexican and Colombian cartels, which will increase money laundering and drug trafficking operations in the United States and other countries.

According to the DEA, Mexican trafficking organizations maintain their territorial influence over large regions of Mexico that are used for the cultivation, production, import and transport of illicit drugs, and names our country as the main source of illegal heroin entering their border.

"Traffic has continued to increase, which provides traffickers with a steady flow of high-purity, low-cost heroin to market throughout the United States," he explains.

In its report, the DEA highlights that six Mexican cartels are considered one of the biggest threats to the United States, because "there are no other groups that currently manage to put pressure on them," so they maintain control over the cultivation, production, import and transportation of drugs in a large part of the Mexican and American territories.

In its report, the DEA warned that these organizations are the cartels of Sinaloa, Jalisco Nueva GeneraciĆ³n, Juarez, Cartel del Golfo, Los Zetas, and the Beltran Leyva Cartel, which will continue to maintain "a dominant influence over the total import and distribution of marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines and heroin. "