Culiacán shootout January 21, 2018

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Culiacán shootout January 21, 2018

Shooting in the Infonavit Las Flores de Culiacán leaves more than 10 vehicles damaged and two people injured

CULIACÁN.- More than 10 cars damaged and apparently two people wounded by bullets, left a shootout recorded this Sunday night in the streets of Infonavit Las Flores.

The first reports of police agents indicate that the events occurred between the "E" and "D" walkers, of the aforementioned sector.

Neighbors of the place informed the police authorities that the shots were fired at 9:30 p.m., when armed men were chasing two individuals and that detonations of firearms began when they entered the walkways.

During the scuffle, more than 10 vehicles that were in the area were hit by bullets.

Minutes later, military and municipal police personnel arrived in the area and cordoned off the area where the shooting occurred that supposedly left two people injured, but it has not been confirmed by the authorities conducting the investigations in the area.

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