Cristy, the woman who conquered El Mono, member of Los Zetas

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Cristy, the woman who conquered El Mono, member of Los Zetas


Investigated by the Attorney General's Office (PGR) for selling illegally extracted fuel from the Pemex pipelines, Juan Manuel Muñoz Luévano, alias El Mono distinguished himself by recruiting minors for the Los Zetas cartel; However, he never imagined that he would fall for the charm of a beautiful young girl named Cristy who would make him his prey.

In her autobiographical book Cristy did not know how to love me, the author narrates her passage through the world of drugs to which she survived and in which she 'hunted' El Mono.

'Dressed to kill', black leather trousers with a black top, Cristy relates that she went to the Joy Bar to link herself to the owner, who was rumored to be a drug dealer, so her problems would be over.

"On the one hand, I would have a drug-free bar and on the other hand nobody would dare to get involved with a drug dealer's girlfriend"

Published in Coahuila, the book tells in detail that, after locating El Mono, he did what was necessary to seduce him.

"When I arrived I went straight to the bar, ordered a vodka tonic and went to the bathroom to throw myself a few lines.When I left I observed the place and I placed him, that is, the capo." He was sitting on the second floor with his friends. , so I finished my drink and got on a speaker that was next to his table "

Cristy, who at that time was a young high school graduate from a private school, reported that her strategy worked perfectly, since the capo escorts called her to tell her that "the gentleman" invited her to his table.

"Without thinking, I went to where he was and I sat next to him." The first thing I thought to say to him was, "What a barbarian, you look like my dad!" Everyone who was there gave me aggressive and fulminating glances, literally one of his workers stepped on me to shut me up".

Despite warnings from hit men, El Mono found the security of Cristy funny and was delighted with his fresh honesty, so he quickly made her his partner.

"That night I had a great time with him and with his friends and my problems to get drugs finished"

In 2016, when the Gulf Cartel and the Sinaloa Cartel maintained an offensive against Los Zetas in Torreón, El Mono decided to flee to Spain, but before traveling to Madrid he proposed to Cristy to go with him.

Although she was only a young girl, Cristy was aware of the life she would lead with the capo, for which she refused.

"The Lord had proposed to me to live with him in Europe and at this point of the game it was the only thing I had left, I would accept the proposal although deep down I was afraid, I knew that I was just his new toy and the safest after a while he would be bored with me and I would end up prostituting myself in any club "

When El Mono was already in Spain, federal prosecutors in the United States investigating him tended their networks.

They knew that in Mexico he had protection from the government of Coahuila, but in Madrid they asked the authorities to intercept all his calls.

Who was Juan Manuel Muñoz Luévano, aka El Mono?

Juan Manuel Muñoz Luévano, aka El Mono, was one of the main operators of Los Zetas and one of the most influential recruiters of children in the criminal organization.

Also nicknamed The Engineer, El Mono was known as the Baron of Drugs since 1999.

When the Zetas expanded to Coahuila, at the end of 2004, they looked for him to associate with them. He also became a money launderer, stolen gasoline distributor in his stations and the main link between the elite of Los Zetas and officials of the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Moreira brothers and Jorge Torres López.

El Mono was arrested on March 18, 2016. In January 2017, the Spanish Government guaranteed his extradition to the United States, where he had pending an investigation for drug trafficking and money laundering in San Antonio, Texas.