Criminals throw migrants off the train for not paying fees

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Criminals throw migrants off the train for not paying fees


Official reports talk of nine injured. According to witnesses the subjects demanded 100 dollars and when the migrants refused to pay they were injuried and beaten and then thrown off the moving train. An intensive surveillance operation was put in place after the incident.

Veracruz • Central American migrants were injured after being thrown from the train where they were traveling allegedly by criminals trying to force them to pay a fee.

Unofficial reports talk of two killed and twenty wounded, but officially only nine injured.

According to witnesses and the injured themselves, who refused to pay for travelling on the south of the state the $ 100 required they were beaten and thrown from the train in motion, several of them fell at the Cosoleacaque Barrancas up to the community of las Barillas in Coatzacoalcos.

The undocumented migrants have puncture wounds and bruises, as several tried to save themselves by jumping from the moving train to land in various communities through which the railway passes.

In brief statement the state government indicates that through the Ministries of Health and Civil Defense attended nine migrants who were injured "in a fight while aboard the train that moves on its way through the state of Veracruz".

The statement added that the incident happened on Wednesday night at the area of Las Barrancas, Cosoleacaque municipality.

The injured were rushed to Minatitlán hospital where they are being taking care of, the Ministry of Health reported that none of them has serious injuries, just bruises, so in the next few hours will be discharged.

Due to these the events an intense law enforcement operative was unfolded .

The injured were treated at the General Hospital of Minatitlan and Community Hospital "Valentin Gomez Farias" of Coatzacoalcos.

After this incident some 300 undocumented migrants concentrated in the central park in Barrancas community and the Cosoleacaque municipality church where they are being taken care of by community residents who are giving them food and clothing.